Zoology Party Favor Boxes

Zoology Party Favor Boxes are the ideal birthday party favor for Zoology party ideas! Zoology is the study of animal life. Kids are so amazed by animals and that makes this a great kids party theme.

These favor boxes are designed to look like a jungle...and they are filled with:

  • A Plastic Jungle Animal
  • A Jungle Animal Bean Bag
  • Toy Binoculars
  • Play Whistle
  • A Zoo Animal Finger Puppet
Your little zoologists are going to have loads of fun pretending they are on a Jungle Safari, out to study and observe the wild animals.

There are plenty of animal pinatas too! Pick your favorite animal pinata , like a zebra, an elephant or a lion, so you can entertain the kids and have some fun playing the pinata game!

Kids love animals and that's one of the reasons the Zoology party theme is a fun one. It's full of easy ideas for cakes, cupcakes, decorations, and party games. Moms who want to plan a fun party but don't want to have to work super hard to host it will appreciate this easy and fun kid's party theme.

Zoology Party Theme Ideas

Zoology is a huge topic and that means there are plenty of great party theme ideas for your kid's birthday party. Here is a list of animal theme ideas for you to choose from.

Host a:
Forest Fox Party
Jungle Party
Lady Bug Party
Dinosaur Party
Monkey Party
Glamour Dogs Party
Safari Party
Snake Party

Any animal theme you like will be great fun. Add a few fun kids games, some decorated cupcakes, and you've got a great party plan for your child's birthday.

You can find some great game ideas at our Kid's Party Games page where you will find lots of fun game ideas for your party. Change the name of a classic party game to match the theme of your upcoming celebration. Pin the Tail on the Donkey can become Pin the Tail on the Lion or Doggie...you get the idea. It's simple to create a fun mood for your child's birthday. Now it's time to plan out your party ideas, make a list and check the items off as you accomplish them.

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