Adult Zombie Costumes For Halloween

Find all the Adult Zombie Costumes For Halloween and get ready for a Zomberific good time. (Yes, zomberific is a made up word)

Here are some of my favorite costumes for women to dres up in on Halloween. Add a bit of makeup and you can make a wonderful and popular dress up look.

Super Deluxe Boneyard Bride Costume - Day of the Dead Costumes

This is a great bride outfit for any walking dead ladies who are engaged right now. It is a popular look for Halloween.

I found so many fun zombie costume ideas for adults, after all, zombies are the new cool Halloween costume. With great zombie books like World War Z, How to Survive A Zombie Apocalypse, and How to Talk Zombie, and movies with a zombie theme like World War Z...starring none other than Brad Pitt... and TV series like The Walking Dead, of course zombies are hot! So put on your best, ragged and torn outfit, find some prosthetic skin wounds, zombie makeup and fake costume blood so you too can join the ranks of the walking undead this Halloween.

Zombies travel in hoardes so the zombie costume makes a great group Halloween costume idea. There's also classics like the Zombie King and Queen of the Prom or the Dead Bride and Groom outfits for the couple who loves to dress up in matching costumes.

Zombie Costumes For Women

Come on Ladies, put yourself into a living dead costume this year for Halloween. You can more costume ideas at Zombie Queen Costumes and you can also find some wonderful how to put on zombie makeup videos there. The how to apply costume makeup videos can make all the difference in your costume, so if you want a great really dead zombie look, check them out...and now for the ladies costumes I found.

Sexy Zombie Bride Costume - Zombie Costumes

Adult Ghostly Zombie Costume - Zombie Costume

Sexy Haunted Zombie Costume

Do you like homemade Halloween costumes? Get your ideas for a homemade zombie bride or queen costume from these pictures. There are two kinds of is a dirty, undead disgusting zombie, the other is the DIVA Zombie...she's dead, but she's glamorous. Decide which one you want to be and go from there. The regular, old undead costume will need to be torn and tattered and very dirty. The Diva is a sparkling clean outfit, with jewelry and makeup. The DZ might have a few lilac or purple bruising on her face, but she still looks good. This is a fun and an easy costume idea and no matter which look you choose, you will have a good time!

Zombie Costumes For Men

Men can find just as many, if not more, choices for zombie costumes as women can. There's the Zombie Prom King, the Pirate, the Groom, The Zombie Gunslinger and even the Zombie Crusader for those of you who enjoy dressing up in Renaissance or Medieval style costumes.

Dead Groom Costume - Zombie Bride and Groom Costumes

Zombie Pirate Costume

Zombie Gunslinger Costume - Scary Halloween Costumes

Zombie Crusader Costume - Scary Halloween Costumes

So it would seem that no matter what your style is there is a costume out there for you and if you can't find what you are looking for by way of a costume, create your own and use Halloween makeup to complete your zombie look. I prefer the makeup to one of those ugly, scary Halloween masks any day.

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