Zombie Halloween Costumes

Zombie Halloween Costumes have been a popular costume for years and it is only getting more popular as time goes by.

And it's not just the same old zombie costume that is in demand. There are all kinds of different scary costume ideas and style zombies, like brides, mailmen, girls, gunslingers, pirates, prom king...even the pizza boy is a zombie costume. If you like the idea of the walking undead or re-animated corpse as a costume you are going to want to check these scary Halloween zombie costumes out.

Zombie Girl Child/Tween Costume - 7/10

Zombie Gunslinger Adult Costume

Zombie Head on a Hook

Find The Perfect Zombie Halloween Costume

Everyone has a different idea of what the Perfect Zombie Costume looks like. Girls might think it's the Prom Queen look, ladies might think the Zombie Nurse is all that and more while guys might like the pirate zombie look.

Zombie Prom Queen Adult Costume - 12/14

Zombie Prom King Costume - 42/44

Death Jr. Pandora Mask

No matter what you have in mind you can find it here at one of our online Halloween costume stores. Click on any of the pictures or links you see to get more information on the costume you are interested in. Here are some zombie costume ideas:

More Halloween Costume Resources

If the zombies aren't doing it for you, take a look at the other fun Halloween costume ideas we have below. Whether you want scary costume ideas or sweet dress up outfits, you will find the perfect one. Find couples, group, kids and adult costume ideas...we have something for everyone in the family.

Stabbed In The Back T-Shirt Adult - Medium

Standing Zombie Grave Digger

Standing Zombie with Light Up Eyes

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If you still need more ideas about Zombie Halloween Costumes or other theme costumes just go to our Halloween Costume page. There you will find loads of fun Halloween costume ideas to help you find the perfect costume, even if it isn't a zombie outfit!

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Zombie Trivia

How about a little Zombie Trivia...trivia questions are always fun. Finding useless but fun facts about about your favorite stuff or your Halloween costume theme is interesting. Inquiring minds want to know! Of course reading all this Zombie trivia is going to make you want to get Zombie Halloween costumes for the entire family.

Zombie Movies

White Zombie...1932...starring Bela Lugosi

Things To Come...1936

I Walked With A Zombie...1943

Plan 9 From Outer Space...1959

Night of the Living Dead...1968

Dawn of the Dead...1978

Lucio Fulci's Zombi II...1979

Hell of the Living Dead...1981

Return of the Living Dead...1985

The Serpent and the Rainbow...1988...Wes Craven

Braindead...1992...Peter Jackson

My Boyfriends Back...1993

Scooby Doo on Zombie Island...1998

Resident Evil...2002, 2004, 2007

28 Days Later...2002

28 Weeks Later...2007

Shaun of the Dead...2004

Dawn of the Dead...2004

House of the Dead


***Did you see "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith? It was from the book, "I Am Legend" written in 1954 by Richard Matheson. It was made into a movie in 1964...The Last Man On Earth. Again in 1971...The Omega Man and finally again in 2007 with the Will Smith version. That's an interesting fact I didn't know!

***All in all there were 6 "Living Dead" movies made.

***One of the most popular musical video ever was Michael Jackson's Thriller directed by John Landis. The Thriller video is a parody of a horror filem in which dancing zombies perform a musical act with Michael Jackson. We don't usually think of Michael Jackson costumes as zombies, but the Thriller costume is a fun and popular muscial one of those zombie Halloween costumes that everyone will recognize right away.

***How about Ron Zombie? Founder of the heavy metal band, White Zombie, turned film director with a series of zombie movies... House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, the remake of Halloween in 2007, Halloween II and The Haunted World of El Superbeasto.

Like zombies? Tell us why! Just hit the contact button on the Nav Bar and send us a quick message telling us why you like zombies, why you don't like them or share story about a zombie with us...or just give us some more Zombie Trivia to add to this page.

Buy A Zombie Movie For Halloween

You can buy any of these scary Zombie movies at Amazon. Watch some and get some tips on how to make your zombie Halloween costumes more realistic by adding make up tricks you see and by copying the movements of the movie zombies. If your favorite zombie movie isn't in this widget just click on any of the movies shown to go into the online Amazon store where you can find hundreds of scary and funny zombie films.

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