Zombie Costume Ideas For Kids, Teens and Adults

Find Zombie Costume Ideas for kids, teens and adults right here. For all you zombie lovers out there, here are some fun Halloween ideas for a dress up good time. The walking dead are among the most popular of all Halloween costume themes and we've got plenty for you to choose from whether you need a kids, a teens or an adults costume.

Why is the zombie costume so popular? Because you can take any costume at all and make it a zombie. The bride...just kill her and re-animate her...Boom...she is a zombie. The same goes for the mailman, the doctor or the nurse, the groom and even the pizza boy. They can all become zombies. There are hundreds of variations on zombie costume ideas you can make or buy. Take a look for yourself.

See there's the nurse and the kid...plus the most overlooked zombie, the vampire. And next you will find the guy who was stabbed in the back, the cowboy and the high school girl.

See...anyone at all can become a zombie costume. All you have to do is add blood, gray and black makeup, ripped, dirty and torn up clothing and you've got it. The classic zombie costume look can also combine a little Rock and a popular pop star. That's right...I am talking about Thriller and Michael Jackson. The most watched Zombie music video ever, Thriller, and that costume that Michael wore.

Then there is also lots of help to be found when you are trying to complete that zombie look. You've got your costume, now what? You need makeup and the directions on how to make yourself look zombified. We've got that covered with these easy to use make up kits.

Or for those who want to get all your costume make up in one pack take a look at the Dark and Dreary Family Make Up Kit.

Remember to walk like you are dead. Your limbs are heavy so walk like you are very stiff. You can even drag a leg if you like. Don't talk...zombies don't talk, they grunt or moan. Have fun with our Zombie costume ideas!

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