Zombie Costume For Halloween

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey USA)

Gauze Zombie For Halloween

Gauze Zombie For Halloween

To make your own Zombie Costume for Halloween you will need the following items:

Materials Needed:

  • Over sized long sleeved polo to make it look tattered and wrinkly

  • Old pants, use a razor blade to fray the edges and tear holes in the pant legs

  • Wrinkled and dirty tie

  • Red and brown paint

  • Black, red and white face paint


1. Roll your costume into a ball and leave in a corner for a day or two, to create a wrinkled effect.
2. Using the brown paint, smear some areas on your polo, making it look muddy, as though you just rose from the grave, kind of look. Do the same on each pant leg, but do not make it uniform for each pant leg, for a more authentic effect.
3. The red paint will be placed on specific areas, like the heart, on the left breast, tummy area, and the cuffs, for the polo and pant legs.
4. Dry these out in the sun, since you have just used paint.
5. Wear your costume and make the tie as askew as possible, even off center.
6. Put on the face paint, putting on white first, as your base. Black paint will be placed under the eyes, for a sunken look. Red paint will be placed on strategic places, like the corner of your lips, neck area, so let the red make up touch the collar area.
7. Don’t forget to make the hair askew as well.
8. For the shoes, rub soil on the tops, for a muddy effect.

There you go, you now know how to make a homemade Zombie costume for Halloween. Use your own ideas with ours and create a unique costume for yourself or your child. You can find zombie costume accessories and zombie make up kits to use if you like. CostumeExpress.com Celebrate Express is a leading online costume and Halloween supply shop. Take a look there for all the accessories, ideas or Halloween party supplies you need to celebrate this October 31st.

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