Zelda Twilight Princess Coloring Pages

Free Printable Zelda Twilight Princess Coloring Pages
Print these coloring pages out and have a blast filling the colors of your choice in. Make them pretty, make them wild, make them yours.

Here is some background from Wiki:

The story begins with Link as a young adult working as a ranch hand in Ordon Village. One day, the village is attacked by monsters, who carry off the village’s children. Link pursues the attackers, but encounters a wall of twilight. A shadow beast pulls him beyond the wall, where he is transformed into a wolf and imprisoned.

Link is later freed by an imp-like twilight creature named Midna, who guides him to Princess Zelda. Zelda explains that Zant, the usurper king of the Twili, has defeated the Light Spirits and conquered Hyrule. In order to save Hyrule, Link must first restore the Light Spirits by entering the twilight-covered areas and, as a wolf, recovering the Light Spirits. As he restores them, the Light Spirits return Link to human form. During this time Link also helps Midna find the Fused Shadows, relics containing magic qualities that Midna wants. In return, she helps Link find the village's children. read more...

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Movie & Game - Princess Zelda

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Here is the first of these free printable pages of Zelda and Link. The pictures are from the Ocarina of Time.

To find more printable pages for kids to color visit our Free Coloring Pages

Link From Zelda Princess

Zelda ...Link With A Sling Shot

Here is Princess Zelda

Like Princesses? How about Barbie Princess? Find more pages to color of this popular princess on our Barbie Princess Coloring Pages.

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More Zelda Twilight Princess Games

Here's a list of the Princess Zelda games.

Zelda Twilight Princess Characters

Some of the characters from Twilight Princess are:

  • Epona
  • Ganon
  • Link
  • Midna
  • Princess Zelda
  • Tingle

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