A Zebra Diaper Cake For Your Zebra Baby Shower Theme

A Zebra Diaper Cake For Your Zebra Baby Shower Theme! This is a wild theme and that means you are going to have lots of fun at this baby shower. Get the fun games, party supplies and party ideas you need to host a wonderful baby shower. These fun cakes come in one, two and three layer design...there might even be taller ones.

Green Daisies with Zebra Diaper Cake

Green Daisies with Zebra Diaper Cake

Why Get A Diaper Cake?

Diaper cakes are a great baby shower gift. They are fun to see...watch when someone sees one of these cakes...they always examine it. Everyone wants to know how they are made, what they contain and how it stays together. The truth is...it's easy as can be to make a diaper cake, you can add baby supplies, clothes and toys to it and they stay together easily. It's simple...but it looks really difficult!

You can spend a fortune on a diaper cake that is loaded with diapers, clothes and baby supplies. They aren't a cheap gift but they are always a welcome delight.

When you make your own cake out of disposible diapers you decide how many diapers to use, what extras to add on and how much you want to spend. With the pre-made cakes you get to choose your colors, the theme, the size and the price. So make it or buy it, a baby shower diaper cake is always a talked about baby gift.

Find out how to make a diaper cake by yourself. It's easy and it is fun so find out how to do it.

How To Make A Diaper Cake

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