X-Men Origins Wolverine Adult Costume

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Here's a Homemade Wolverine Costume that is pretty awesome!

Here's a Homemade Wolverine Costume that is pretty awesome!

X-Men Origins Wolverine Adult Costume from the Marvel Comic character is another one of my favorite Superhero costume ideas. And yes, Logan is one of my very favorite X-Men. He is too cute. I love the dark, suffering type of hero and Logan...Wolverine...fits that description perfectly.

Logan or Wolverine was born James Howlett. Wolverine is one of the mutant X-Men. He possesses animal like senses, a super healing ability and has three retracting bone claws on each of his hands. His healing ability also slows down his aging process...James Howlett was born in the late 19th century.

It was his healing ability that allowed him to be part of a super warrior program where a metal alloy called adamantium was bonded to his skeleton and claws. Adamantium is just about indestructible and now so is Logan. You can become Logan/Wolverine for a night in this licensed costume.

Wolverine's costume is a jumpsuit in that classic yellow and blue that Wolverine's fans have come to recognize. The jumpsuit has a muscled torso and muscled arms. There is a belt attached to it and you also get a mask, a belt and a belt buckle and the claws. It's a five piece costume. You can find it at BuyCostumes.com/. So if you are as big a Wolverine fan as I am, this costume is in the running and it is up at the top of the list.

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