WWE Party Supplies

WWE Party Supplies And Party Ideas Are Perfect For The Wrestling Fan In Your House. Find Party Games, Favors, And The Decorations You Need To Host A Fun Kids Birthday Party.

Get WWE party supplies and ideas for your child's birthday party. This is a fun theme with lots of great ideas to use when you are deciding what games to play, what favors to hand out and which decorations you need. Here is one of the party patterns you can choose to decorate with.

WWE Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

Think the party supplies are great? Wait until you see the other decorations that match this exciting sports theme. I really like the stand ups that are the best room decorations of all. Imagine the kids looking around the party room to see life size stand ups of the famous wrestlers they admire. Stand ups of The Rock, The Undertaker, John Cena, Randy Orton, or Stone Cold are available...get one or get them all! And when your guests arrive, remember to take lots of pictures. They will make great gifts to enclose in your party thank you notes!

The Rock WWE StandupRandy Orton WWE Standup

If you like the stand ups you will also like the decals...the giant wall decals that will make your party room look like the WWE ring.

The Rock WWE Giant Wall DecalsWWE Giant Wall Decals

These decals and stand ups are great...the most difficult part about them is the choice of which ones to get. Keep scrolling to find the other fun WWE party supplies I found.

WWE Party Favor Box

Party favor boxes are a wonderful way to thank your party guests for coming and sharing this fun day! These party boxes are full of WWE goodies any fan of the WWE Wrestling will be thrilled to get. The box has to be folded together when you get it. Then you add the favors and close the box up. Here's a list of the favors you will get:

  • sticker sheet
  • a snap 'n glow lollipop with popping candy
  • laser disc
  • glow necklace
  • glow putty egg
  • a flashing red safety light

WWE Party Favor Box

There are lots more fun ideas to use as kids party favors when you are having a WWE party. I found some WWE Superstars Thumb Wrestlers that would make any WWE party guest very happy.

WWE Superstars Thumb Wrestlers

Another fun idea to use as a WWE party favor idea is some temporary tattoos. Any mom knows that kids love temporary tattoos and these are going to be so popular with WWE fans.

WWE - Tattoos (8)

WWE Party Games

By this time you are probably thinking about what party games you can use with your WWE party ideas. Well, I've found one that's perfect for you. The pinata game is a favorite of boys and girls at a party. Just fill the pinata with goodies and treats and hang it up. Stand your guests in a line or a circle and choose one of them to go first. Blindfold each child when it's their turn and let them try to pull one of the strings. Sooner or later one of those pulls will break open the pinata and let all the treasures you hid inside spill out. The kids are going to scramble to gather up as many as they can.

Another fun game at a party with a WWE theme is Which Wrestler Am I? for this game you will need some sticky name tags. On each tag write the name of one of the wrestlers you find on this page. Put one of the name tags on the back of each party guest. Each party guest must find out which wrestler's name is on his back. The guest can ask questions, but only questions with a yes or no answer. And from the clues they gather from each question and yes or no answer, the guests must figure out which wrestling star they are.

Don't forget about the fun costumes for kids you can get with the WWE theme. All your child's favorites wrestlers from the WWE or TNA are available in costume form. Wrestlers like John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Undertaker, Sting and Rey Mysterio Jr.

WWE Deluxe Undertaker Child Costume - Medium (8/10)

Costumes are fun at a party and of course, on Halloween. Use costumes as a relay race challenge where each team member must don an article of a wrestling costume, race to the course mid-point, perform a challenge and rush back to the start line. Relay races are great fun at a kids birthday party.

I am sure you will get some fun party ideas with these WWE Party Supplies and fun wrestling games. Kids birthday parties are so much fun and with these fun games and WWE party supplies, they become more fun than ever.

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