WWE Child Halloween Costumes The Undertaker

Here's a picture of the WWE Child Halloween Costumes The Undertaker. The Undertaker is just one of the popular WWE Halloween costumes this season. It's a favorite of kids and adults who love the WWE.

WWE Deluxe Stone Cold Child Costume - Small (4/6)

WWE Deluxe Undertaker Child Costume - Large (12/14)

WWE Deluxe Undertaker Child Costume - Medium (8/10)

The Undertaker WWE Halloween Costumes

Also known as the Demon of Death Valley, the Undertaker is ready to mix up this Halloween...the costume description says, "The Deadman will be walking this Halloween!" Using moves like the Tombstone Piledriver and the Chokeslam, this feared Master of Pain leaves his opponents hurting.

This child costume has a black shirt with an exposed muscle chest, the black trench coat that is the Undertaker's signature and the classic Undertaker's hat with some brown hair attached. This is any WWE fans Halloween costume dream come true! And it is an officially licensed WWE product.

WWE Deluxe Rey Mysterio Jr. Child Costume - Small (4/6)

WWE Deluxe Stone Cold Child Costume - Large (12/14)

WWE Deluxe Stone Cold Child Costume - Medium (8/10)

WWE Wrestlers: The Undertaker

Mark William Calaway's wrestling career began in 1984 when he joined World Class Championship Wrestling, fighting under the pseudonyms Texas Red, The Master of Pain, and The Punisher. His first national exposure came in 1989 when he joined WCW as "Mean Mark" Callous.

Kain the Undertaker 1990

In 1990 he signed with the WWF, debuting as "Kain the Undertaker" on WWF Superstars. He defeated Hulk Hogan in the Survivor Series the following year, becoming the youngest WWF champion in history.

Brian Lee as the Undertaker

Brian Lee took the Undertaker name at 1994's Wrestlemania X. This "Underfaker" was defeated by Calaway at SummerSlam that year. Lee returned to the USWA to continue fighting in his tag team The Bruise Brothers while Calaway kept his Undertaker persona.

Wrestler Mankind made his WWE debut interfering with a match between The Undertaker and Justin Hawk Bradshaw. This cost The Undertaker the championship title, causing a feud that lead up to the WWE's first Boiler Room Brawl at SummerSlam '96. 1997 saw the debut of Kane, portrayed as The Undertaker's long lost brother.

The Undertaker has been featured in two comics: "Undertaker" and "Journey into Darkness: An Unauthorized History of Kane." At the end of 2009 the WWE announced a Calaway-helmed Undertaker movie was in development. Brian Lee played the character on-screen in the Hindi movie "Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi."

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