Word World Party Supplies And Ideas

Word World Party Supplies and ideas to have the best kids birthday party ever. Word Friends can be a big help at your next party. Take a look at these party invitations, favors and fun game ideas to help you plan the big birthday bash with this PBS show theme!

Cut letters of the alphabet out of construction paper and hang them around your party room. Put them on latex balloons filled with helium! It's a simple way to decorate for a Word World party...and it's very inexpensive too. You won't have to buy as many Word World party supplies if you use this idea!

Word World Characters

If you have ever watched Word World you are familiar with these characters. The Word World characters help your child learn letters and words.

The Word World characters are:

  • Dog
  • Sheep
  • Pig
  • Frog
  • Duck
  • Bear
  • Ant
  • Shark
  • Fly
  • Bug
  • Bee
  • The Three Piggies
  • Cat
  • Monkey
  • Monster
  • Goat
Why not give each of your little guests a name tag with a Word Friend Name on it. Cut out letters and let each child make a Word Friend poster.

Fun can make learning easier, and it's something you want to encourage in your child. A Word World party can be as much fun for you as it is for the kids...take a look at these wonderful party supplies. The decorations and games you choose will help to make your party the best kids party ever! You will be able to get your reward for your hard work right away...with the Amazed Look on your child's face!

Word World Party Games

You need some party games...word games! There's also a Word World Pinata that is the perfect party game for young kids. Simply fill the pinata with some goodies and let each child pull a string until it breaks opens and spills all the goodies out. Give each child a bag to put the goodies in. This pinata is a pull string model and that means it's a safe game for your party guests. The pinata can also double as a party centerpiece...saving you some more money on Word World party supplies.

Think classic party games, with a new twist. How about Word World Charades? Put words in a hat and have each guest pick out the name of a Word World character or something about one of those characters. For instance, a child might pick out the name...Dog. Have him or her act out how Dog would act until someone guesses correctly. Or they might pull the word NEST out of the hat. Have them try to get the word nest across to the other party guests...it will be a fun new twist on a classic, fun party game.

Alphabet Letters For Your Word World Party Cake

Make your own birthday cake. You can shape a like a letter or just write the alphabet letters right on the cake with a tube of frosting gel. Write the names of some of the characters of Word World, just the alphabet letters, or the names of your birthday star and the party guests. They will get a real kick out of that!

Word World DVD

Another idea for a little entertainment at your kids birthday party is to play a Word World DVD for your guests. There's a picture of one on this page that runs for 33 minutes. Just long enough and short enough for young party guests. It's a great way to begin or end your party or an educational tool to let your children watch any time at all.

This kids birthday party theme will be as much fun for you as it is for the kids...there are so many fun ways to plan and decorate for your party. Take a look at all the Word World party supplies and game ideas and start planning your next kids party!

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