Wooden Snowman Christmas Craft Kit For Kids

by Jillian
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Wooden Snowman Christmas Craft Kit For Kids Is Fun and Easy to Make

Wooden Snowman Christmas Craft Kit For Kids Is Fun and Easy to Make

This wooden snowman Christmas craft kit for kids is easy and fun to make. You can buy the kit that comes with all the supplies you need to make 12 of these snowman projects or you can gather your own supplies. I like to order the kits...but that's just me. If you go to a craft store on a regular basis you would probably want to buy your own supplies.

Here's what the kit comes with...and what you would need on hand to make your own wooden snowman crafts. Craft sticks...7 or 8 of them, pieces of foam or a material like felt cut into shapes to make the stripe and the star on the hat, the mouth and the nose. Googley eyes...did I spell that right? Googly or Googley eyes or cut out your own shapes to make eyes and of course you will need some kind of adhesive to glue this project together.

Wether you make your own kit or buy the one available from the Oriental Trading Company ...they are a huge kids party and craft supply company and you can find hundreds of craft project kits in their online party supplies catalogs...I say catalogs because of all the different themes...like party themes and events, craft and hobby supplies, teaching supplies, toys and novelties, holidays, Christmas and sale...you can find just about anything you are looking for at the Oriental Trading Company...including these wooden snowman Christmas craft kits for kids!

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