Wooden Snowman Bobblehead Photo Holder Craft Kit

by Jillian...One Crafty Mama
(Edison, New Jersey, USA)

Wooden Snowman Christmas Craft Kits For Kids

Wooden Snowman Christmas Craft Kits For Kids

This Snowman Christmas Craft makes a wooden bobblehead photo holder that kids will enjoy making. The kit comes with enough supplies to make tweleve bobbleheads. It's the perfect size to use at a party for a kids activity. You can use it as a party favor and send one kit home with each child or make them at the party and let each guest take their finished craft project home. You can also use these craft kits as stocking stuffers or Hannakuh gifts...they are individually packaged.

I like crafts that are individually packaged...plus each one has it's own instructions. That makes it easy to hand out to each child. These kids craft kits are also very easy to assemble. Easy and fun...just what you want a kids craft project to be...especially when it's for an activity during the party.

You can find these craft kits and all the information you need to know abou them at the
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So go ahead on over and take a look at what these wooden Christmas craft kits come with. See how much fun you can have at home or at a party with your kids.

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