Wooden Beaded I Love Jesus Necklace Craft Kit

by Jillian

This Wooden Beaded I Love Jesus Necklace Craft Kit comes with wooden beads, cord, everything you need to make 12 craft necklaces. Also included with this kit are 12 cards that tell us the meaning of the candy cane.

Oriental Trading

It says, that once a candy maker wanted to make a candy that symbolized the true meaning of Christmas. The candy cane is shaped like a j for Jesus, the white color represents the pureness of Jesus and the red color represents the blook that Jesus shed for all of us. Each of these 12 kits is individually packaged. Isn't this a wonderfully simple Christmas craft idea with a very special meaning.

What a wonderful kids party activity or kids party favor this craft kit would make. It's perfect for a holiday or a Sunday School class project.

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