Wonder Woman Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

by Jillian
(Edison, NJ, USA)

Join the Justice League with this Wonder Woman Costume.  It comes in kids, teens and adult sizes.

Join the Justice League with this Wonder Woman Costume. It comes in kids, teens and adult sizes.

Wonder Woman costumes have become a very popular women's Halloween costume choice. We were first introduced to Wonder Woman in DC Comics in December 1941 and then later in a TV series starring Linda Carter who still remains the model for Princess Diana of the Amazon. Her mission away from her people is to spread love, peace and women's equality amongst the humans.

Wonder Woman, like most Superheros, fights for truth and justice. She has special powers and weapons that help her to do this. She is also trained at both the ancient and the modern styles of both armed and unarmed combat including the Amazonian martial arts. She also has super powers...superhuman strength,speed and stamina.

Her weapons include her Amazon bracelets that can stop bullets and a golden lasso that Diana uses as a lasso or a whip. Once the golden lasso is around someone they must tell the truth. Her tiara can be used as a dagger and a throwing weapon that once thrown returns to her in a boomerang style. Wonder Woman also has an invisible airplane to travel in.

Wonder Woman costumes come in adult womens, teen and girls sizes...you can even get one for your baby and for your dog...so if Wonder Woman Costume ideas are your favorite for Halloween here is where you can find one along with a free membership, the Wholesale Costume Club. I checked out about 10 different online costume stores and this is the one that had the cheapest price. You will also get a free membership this year...next year it may be 5.00 to join...so cash in on the savings this year. The Wholesale Costume Club is the newest costume store out there this year.

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