Wolverine Claws - Get Wolverine Costumes

I found Wolverine Claws! Get Wolverine Costumes and find the accessories you need to complete this Mutant look.

Marvel Comics gave us Wolverine...find out more about this member of the X-Men. James Hewitt was born in Canada during the late 19th century with a special healing ability. He can recover from illness, disease and even poisoning. His special ability also slows down his aging process so he ages at a much slower rate than a regular man. James Hewitt adopts the name Logan. He becomes part of a supersoldier program called Weapon X...where he has admantium, a super metal, bonded to his skeleton along with claws. Once this change occurs he is called Wolverine. His brooding character makes him an almost irresistable superhero...that strong, lonely, mystery man. Take a look at these claws and some costumes so you too can become a mutant and transform yourself into the Mysterious Wolverine.

Wolverine Origins Bone Claws - Marvel's X-men Costume Accessories

Wolverine Origins Bone Claws - Marvel's X-men Costume Accessories

Wolverine Costumes

Wolverine costumes come in several different price ranges. You can find the deluxe style priced at over 160.00 or the basic costume at about 36.00. Of course, the deluxe version is much nicer looking than the less costly version, but keep your budget in mind. Some costumes come with the Wolverine Claws and some do not...that is why they are for sale at the top of the page.

I am going to show you the high end version and the low end version...there are a couple in the middle too. Look them over, check out all of them and decide which is the one you want. Then order it!

Adult and Teen Wolverine Costume - Marvel's X-men Costumes

Adult and Teen Wolverine Costume - Marvel's X-men Costumes

This costume comes with the jumpsuit and the mask. It comes in adult and teen sizes and you can complete the look with the costume claws shown on the top of the page.

Deluxe Wolverine Costume

Here is the deluxe version of the Wolverine costume. It comes with a jumpsuit that has a muscle torso and muscle legs, a fabric mask, gloves with claws, a vinyl belt and boot covers also made of vinyl. Is it worth more than 160.00? That's up to you, but before you spend that much I would suggest you click on the picture, go into the Online Halloween store and check out all the different versions. Make sure you know exactly what you are buying. Take a look at this deluxe costume.

Super Deluxe Wolverine Origins Costume - Marvel's Wolverine Origins

Super Deluxe Wolverine Origins Costume - Marvel's Wolverine Origins

Find Out More About Wolverine

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