Wizards of Waverly Place Party Supplies

Wizards of Waverly Place party supplies and ideas are easy to find, simple to use and fun to use as a birthday party theme. You can find all the party supplies you like here. Just click on any picture to find out more information about these Waverly Place Supplies.

There is a basic party pack that comes with everything you need to set a basic party room up. This party pack includes:

  • 8 invitations
  • dinner plates
  • cups
  • forks
  • spoons
  • activity placemats
  • 16 napkins
  • tablecover
  • centerpiece
  • mylar balloon
  • 24 balloons in 2 colors
  • curling ribbon in 2 colors
  • crepe paper rolls in 2 colors
  • star confetti
  • cake candles
That's enough for up to 7 guests and the birthday girl! Just the right amount of guests for a party. You can also get more party favors or decorations if you like, so let's take a look at what else there is.

You can add a party centerpiece to your table to brighten it up. You can also get some "Cool Clings" to brighten up your walls. These are cling on decorations for the walls that are removable.

Wizard of Waverly Place Favor Boxes

You can find some terrific party favors for this Wizards party. There's a box that is filled with goodies for your party guests. Here's what you will find in it:

  • one purple with blue stars favor box
  • Wizards Waverly Place notebook decal sticker
  • ID tag
  • cell phone lip gloss
  • feather ring
  • 2 glitter bracelets

Make Wizards of Waverly Place Wands

You can use wooden dowels and cardboard stars to make Wizard Wands. You just have to paint the dowels and the stars, glue them together. Glue some mystical or glittery fabric to the cardboard star and then add some real glitter. Let them dry, and everyone will have a beautiful Wizard's Wand party favor.

Cookie Wizard Wands

Another way to make a Wizards Wand is to bake star shaped cookies and insert a pop stick when they are done. Give one or two to each girl and let her decorate these Wizards of Waverly Place Wands with frosting and edible glitter and sparlkling sugars.

Wizards of Waverly Place Party Games

Every party needs some fun party games and this party thme is no different. Here are a few party game ideas for you.

1. Play the Soundtrack or replay some of the TV episodes to entertain your party guests.

2. You can use Wizards of Waverly Place Trivia questions up for your party guests. Have your daughter make up a list of questions to ask the other kids, and make sure she supplies you with the answers.

3. Wizards of Waverly Place Cast Charades is another fun party idea. Put the names of the cast in a hat or a jar. Let each girl pick out one of the names and give each one a turn up in the middle of the group. There's no talking in Charades so make sure you instruct the girls on how to play this party game.

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