Wizard of Oz Party Ideas

A Wizard of Oz party is a unique kids party theme. Take your child over the rainbow to the wonderful land of Oz. This is a fun party theme for a Halloween or a birthday party. Let your guests enjoy a day with Dorothy and ToTo too!

Take a look at these fun Wizard of Oz party supplies

The Wizard of Oz makes a wonderful theme for a child's birthday party. Wildly popular for decades, the story of the Wizard of Oz includes fascinating characters, imaginative locations, magical witches and wizards and beautiful music throughout.

Fun Oz Party Games & Activities

Take a look at these fun Oz party games & activities:

  • Play a Wizard of Oz version of the popular television show "Don't Forget the Lyrics."

  • Plan a Find the Ruby Slippers treasure hunt using rectangle yellow cardboard "bricks" to relay clues. Hide a picture of the ruby slippers in a bag or plastic egg..
  • Purchase several costumes at partymerchant.com and allow each child to try on different costumes. Be sure to take lots of pictures of the children in costume.
  • Set up several grooming stations for hair and nails so the children can pretty themselves up for the wizard.
  • Pin the tail on Toto. Print a color picture of Toto and make paper tails to pin.
  • Make an "Over the Rainbow" shrinky dinks bracelet.
  • Face paint a rainbow on the faces of your party guests.

Whimsical Oz Party Decorations

You can find lots of whimsical decorations for your Wizard of Oz party. You can find several ways to transform your living room in the magical Land of Oz.

  • Use emerald green for the Emerald City, home of the mighty and powerful Wizard of Oz, or yellow for the Yellow Brick Road as your main accent colors.
  • Make a rainbow over the doorway with brightly colored balloons.
  • Use Cardboard Stand Ups as room decorations. Choose one of Dorothy and ToTo, or one of the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow.
  • Get lots of colorful party streamers to hang all over
The Stand Ups are great for a party photo opportunity!

Do you remember what the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow got from the Wizard? Give out medals, heart shaped pins or diplomas (word games) as game prizes. Those rainbow colored mini swirl lollipops look like they'd be a delicious game prize too.

Wizard Of Oz Party Favors

There's are some really cute Wizard of Oz party favors:

  • Rainbow Swirled Lollipop
  • Wizard of Oz stickers
  • The Offical Wizard of Oz party favors box
The party favor boxes are filled with lots of fun "Oz" type items. It's just what your guests will need for the long trip on the yellow brick road to Emerald City in the land of Oz. These exciting party favors include:
  • 1 Basket-shaped Favor Box
  • Wizard of Oz Sticker Sheet
  • Frosted Terrier Cookie
  • Mini Star Wand
  • Ruby Slipper Lip Gloss
  • A Compact Mirror

More Oz party favors

I'll bet Dorothy wished she had that on her trip over the rainbow! Why not play Somewhere Over The Rainbow during your party, or play the movie or it's soundtrack during your party.

Over the Rainbow Cupcakes

You can bake cupcakes and frost them in different colors. Just add some colorful sprinkles to the tops for a made in Oz look.

You can also find some edible cake images in cupcake size. To use these edible images you only have to frost your cupcakes and put the image on top. These look great and are an easy cupcake decorating trick!

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