Wizard of Oz Party Favors

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Party Favors are so much fun for kids at a party. Everyone knows the party favors are one of the best parts of the party. Games, the cake and the favors...OH MY!

When your party theme is the Wizard of Oz, there are so many different ideas you can use when deciding on your party favor. This is one party theme that insists you use your imagination and that means it is a fun party to plan and host. It's a fantastic party theme to be invited to!

Fun, fun, fun is all you can say about the party favor ideas you will find for a Wizard of Oz theme party. There is the fun filled theme favor box that has lots of good stuff, including ruby slipper lip gloss...now that's certainly something Dorothy would have liked on her way to Oz.

Over the Rainbow Crayons!

These Rainbow crayons make great Wizard of Oz party favors. Imagine surprising the kids with some Over the Rainbow crayons. These are an usual crayon, and they'd make a unique party favor. This is the perfect crayon to make a horse of a different color. Teach the kids how easy it is to make a rainbow with these unique crayons.

Wizard of Oz Rainbow Crayons are the perfect kids birthday party favor at a Wizard of Oz party

Glittery Rainbow Tattoos

Wizard of Oz Tattoos? Here's a fun idea that let's you bring a rainbow to each of your party guests. Give eveyone some glittery rainbow temporaty tattoos! The kids will enjoy theses. There are so many Wizard of Oz party favors to choose from, this is going to be the hardest part of your party planning!

Temporary Tattoos are the ideal party favor for the Wizard of Oz party ideas.  These sparkling, glittery rainbow tattoos fit this theme like magic.

Glow Necklace Party Pack in Rainbow Colors

Glow Necklaces are great as Wizard of Oz party favors! You can get glow necklaces, bracelets, rings and a huge variety of other products to give to your party guests. These glow products come and you get a rainbow of color choices to pick from. So brighten up everyone's party experience with these fun favor ideas.

Glow Necklaces are perfect Wizard of Oz party favor ideas.

Rainbow Bracelets

Over the Rainbow colored bracelets are just what the Wizard ordered when you need a fun party favor for a girls birthday party. These bracelets are ideal for any theme girls birthday party, not just the Wizard of Oz.

Plush Party Favors

There's an assortment of Monkey plush party favors in a rainbow of different colors waiting for you at the Oriental Trading Company. These cute plush monkey toys make the perfect party favor idea for a kids birthday party. You know how kids love plush toys and these little monkeys fit in perfectly with the Wizard of Oz party theme. These are cuddly little monkeys, not scary like the evil flying monkeys found in Oz. Just click on any picture and enter the party supplies catalog. Type plush monkey into the search box and you will find these cute plush toys that are a fun kids party favor idea.

12 Sunny Shapes Sand Art Bottles

Sand Art is always fun as a party activity. This set has 12 bottles in three shapes, a rainbow, a flower and a sun. I don't think the sand comes with this activity set...so make sure you check that out first.

Rainbows and Sand Art are always perfect for a kids party, but they are a must for a Wizard of Oz birthday party theme.

Rainbow Sand

Kids love sand art projects so much that you just might need some extra sand. I found some in a rainbow of colors so just click on the picture above, the one with the sand art bottle craft kit. It will take you to those bottles and from there you can find these extra bottles of sand in case you need them. Kids are crazy about sand art!

Butterfly Sand Art Bottle Craft Kit

The sand art kits also come with butterfly shaped bottles so you can create beautiful rainbow butterflies. Let each child design and fill their own sand art bottle. They have just created a beautiful work of art that is all theirs. These fun craft ideas make a great kids party favor!

Wizard of Oz Halloween Costumes and Party Ideas

If you chose the Wizard of Oz as your child's birthday party theme, you just might want to see these fun Halloween costume ideas with that very same theme. This first batch of pictures are adorable baby and toddler costume ideas with the Tinman, the Lion and the Scarecrow.

Wizard of Oz Tinman Toddler Costume

Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion Toddler Costume

Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Toddler Costume

The Wizard of Oz makes a great couples or even a fun group costume idea so be sure to check out our Wizard of Oz Costumes page where you can find lots of fun ideas for your Halloween costume this year...whether it's for your child, yourself or a group of you, you can find some great ideas there. You can also find the perfect accessories like Toto in a basket or those very famous Red Ruby Shoes that Dorothy wears.

The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Plus Adult Costume

The Wizard of Oz Dorothy Toddler Costume

Miss Dorothy Adult Costume

If these Wizard of Oz party favors aren't exactly what you are looking for you may want to check out our party favors page for more fun ideas.

If you like these Wizard of OZ party favors you will also enjoy the fun OZ games, activities and party ideas on our
Wizard Of Oz Party Ideas Page.

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