Winnie the Pooh Cake Topper

A Winnie the Pooh Cake Topper kit is an easy way for you to make a homemade birthday cake. You don't need any cake decorating skills to design and create a great looking birthday cake. You simply bake and frost your usual...then put this cute little topper kit right on it.

It's that easy to become a cake decorator Mom!

Kids love Winnie the Pooh and that's why Pooh is a popular kid’s party theme. All your little party guests will be so thrilled when they see these Winnie the Pooh figures on top of the birthday cake.

Pooh Honey Tree Cake Topper features a large honey tree base, Pooh, Tigger, and Roo in a swing that sways back and forth.

Place the cake decoration right on the top of your frosted cake surface, leaving the side covered with plain white icing. The kids will enjoy the colorful display of the characters, plus Roo swinging and swaying.

Save the figures afterwards, they can become your child's collectible toys after the party. When you add this cute topper set to your kid’s birthday cake you will see a look of surprise and happiness in his or her little face. They will be so amazed at your talent!

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