Wine Tasting Party Ideas or Wine 101

Wine and Cheese Tasting Party Ideas

Wine Tasting Party Ideas
Wine and cheese tasting party ideas are perfect for an adult party theme. Through the years the idea that wine tasters are a bunch of snobby connoissuers tasting expensive wines and wearing haute couture has been replaced by a friendly party picture.

More and more people are learning about the wonderful variety of wines that are available to us and many of these wines have become favorites at the dinner table. Why not host a wine tasting party for your friends. It is the perfect theme to use for an all adult party.

How Difficult is it to Host a Wine Tasting Party?
It's Not Very Difficult At All.

You can use the wine bottles themselves as decorations for an wine party. Wine labels come in many styles and you can make copies of them to decorate the party area. You can use them for your wine party invitations. Empty wine bottles filled with a few stems of flowers will look charming on tables, counters and your fireplace mantle. The empty wine bottles will make good looking and inexpensive wine party decorations and they will help imbed the party theme throughout the area.

How About Some Blind Wine Tasting Party Ideas

Choose several different varieties of your favorite wines or you can widen your own knowledge of wines by trying varieties that are all new to you.

You can base the theme of your wine tasting party on the type of or white. You can also use the growing regions of the grapes as your theme. You can use the country of origin as well...Are the grapes from France, Italy or the USA.

You Can Have A Blind Wine Tasting Party

Cover the wine bottles with some fabric or designed paper so no one knows what type of wine it is. You can use red fabrics or papers for the reds and white for the whites. Give each guest a pad and pen to write down their comments and opinions of the wines.

You can get a wine chart that describes the different tastes and aromas of the wine to help your party guests get an understanding of what they can expect, and what to look for in the flavor of the wine. This is called a blind wine tasting party. It's one of the more fun wine tasting party ideas!

Wine Flavors
Is it oaky, or fruity? Does it leave a mild or a heavy aftertaste? Wine aroma charts are usually available at finer liquor stores, but if yours doesn't have one there are plenty of sites online where you can get one.

You can also put cards near the wine bottles to describe the flavor and aroma of the wine in each.

How About A Wine and Cheese Party Idea?

Wine and cheese in combination is a perfect for wine tasting party ideas. Wine and cheese go together like soup and sandwich! It is the ideal combination for a complimenting party menu. Fruit is another food that can be combined with the wine and cheese.

How is that for an easy party and menu idea?

Looking for More Party Recipe Ideas to go along with Your Wine tasting party ideas?

Appetizers for an ideal menu for a wine tasting party. They are an easy, but delicious, menu idea. You can serve different appetizers with each bottle of wine. Here are some food and wine combination ideas to help you plan your wine tasting party menu with the least amount of muss and fuss!

Traditional Wine and Food Pairings

For Red Zinfandels, Beaujolis, Pinot Noir or Merlot Complimenting food ideas include:

For Cabernet Savignon and Merlot
you can serve

For white wines including White Chardonnay,Pinot Grigio,Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling
You can use the
Stong Cheeses

For the milder white wines, White Zinfandel or Rose Wines
Try appetizers made from
mild cheeses

And for the sparkling wines, Spumante or Champagne
The idea companions are appetizers made of
Mild Cheeses

Wine tip to remember: A light bodied wine compliments lighter food while a full-bodied wine compliments heartier, more flavored foods.

How To Serve Wine

Chill the white wine for about two hours (55 degrees) before serving.
Chill the red wine for about 45 minutes (60-65 degrees) before serving.
Chill Sparkling Wines for three to four hours (48 degrees) before serving.
Only fill wine glasses about half way. This allows the wine to "breathe".

Wine tasting party ideas can be as simple as sampling different kinds of wine or as complicated as really learning about each variety of wine your serving. It all depends on how interested you, the party host, are in the subject matter.

Wine Party Accessories and Wine Gift Ideas

Wine Party Accessories

You will need a few accessories for your wine tasting party ideas to be complete.

1. Wine Glasses
Since you and your guest will be drinking different wines you will need quite a few wine glasses. That's easy enough to take care of! Ask some friends to bring over their wine glasses so you have enough. Or you can go to a store that sells wine glasses and check the clearance section. I've found some great wine glass bargains at Macy's in the clearance section, Linen's and Things and you can even check out Target or Walmart for some inexpensive, but nice looking wine glasses.

2. Napkins and Paper Plates
You will want to get a nice wine party pattern on your napkins and you can continue the theme of the party on the plates or you can use colored and white perhaps!

3. Wine For The Party
Choose several bottles of wines according to the theme you have chosen, whether it's color or region, or a mix of both.

4. Decide upon your appetizers, cheeses, fruits and dessert selections
When you are planning your wine tasting party menu pick out food selections that compliment your wine choices. Appetizers, finger foods, cheese and crackers and fruit will make it easy for you and be tasty treats for your guests. Most importantly, they will compliment the wines you are tasting to make it the perfect party menu. You can find great appetizer and party food picks to add a subtle but interesting addition to your theme, and make it easier to serve your guests.

If you would like more information on wines you here is a web site that will allow you to stretch your knowledge base while giving you lots more ideas on the types of wines you would like to try.

5. Wine Themed Party Favor Ideas You don't have to have wine themed party favors...but if you want them here are some fun ideas for you.
Wine bottle stoppers
Wine glass charms..These are inexpensive and fun ideas
Wine bottle openers
A bottle of wine
Wine glasses
A wine book...You can easily make this yourself!
Wine glass charms

Part of the fun of hosting a party like this is the wonderful wine tasting party ideas you can get. From napkins to favors or thank you gifts wine tasting is a festive and enjoyable party idea.

Have you been invited to a wine tasting party? Are you looking for a wine related gift idea for the host and hostess? There are plenty of ideas for gift giving when you've been invited to a wine tasting party.

Wine Gifts
A Bottle of Wine
Wine of the Month Club
A Good Wine Bottle Opener
Personalized Wine Glasses

Use your imagination when throwing your next party.
Start with a traditional theme and put your own unique twists on it to make it an event to remember.

Wine tasting party ideas can be as easy or as complex as you want them to be. Just remember, as long as everyone has a good time, the sky's the limit!

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