What Do Reindeer Eat?

by Jillian

What do Santa's Reindeer eat? Most people leave cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve and never ask, "What do Reindeer Eat." Santa's Reindeer pull that toy filled sled all around the world every Christmas Eve and it would be nice for them to find a special treat waiting at some of the homes they bring Santa to.

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So let's find out just what Santa's Reindeer do eat. Reindeer live in an extremely cold environment where it's not very easy to find food. There are several types of grasses, herbs and shrubs that can grow in this cold place during most of the year, but not during the winter months. There is also a lichen that grows there and it's called Reindeer moss (Cladonia rangiferina)that does grow in the winter. This is what the reindeer eat throughout the winter when it is too cold for the other plants to grow.

So what should you leave for that wonderful team of Reindeer that pull Santa's sleigh?

I happen to know that Reindeer find carrots or apples to be a very delicious treat. It's the perfect snack to leave out for them on Christmas Eve along side of Santa's cookies and milk. You can also mix several varities of fruits and veggies, kind of like a fruit Reindeer chow, for them. Or you might want to leave a candy cane out for Rudolph and his friends.

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