Fun Whale Baby Shower Ideas

Whale Baby Shower Ideas Begin With These Whale Of Fun Baby Shower Supplies!

Have a whale of a good time at this sweet sea-inspired baby shower theme. Joining the adorable whale on these party supplies is a friendly seahorse featured on the white, yellow and blue color palette. Life's a beach so make a splash into motherhood and flip your tail for a little fun!

Whale of Fun Baby Shower Deluxe Party Pack for 16

Whale of Fun Baby Shower Deluxe Party Pack for 8

Whale of Fun 18" Foil Balloon

Decorate the area with some light blue and white balloons, curling ribbon...some baby blue confetti on the table cloths and of course, some party streamers. Simple decorations are all that are needed when your party supplies are this cute!

Smooth Sailing Ahead With This Whale Of A Shower Theme

Savor Smooth Sailing Ahead With This Whale Of A Shower Theme- embark guests on a day at sea with nautical decor!

- harbor fun with table centerpieces of small fishbowls filled with Goldfish or Whale crackers to whet the appetite of land dwelling creatures

- set sail with the hostess as captain complete with a captain's hat to set the scene

- host the shower at a local aquarium if possible

- serve up a beach picnic-style feast complete with beach towels as tablecloths

- local seafood offers a great dining option especially shrimp cocktail appetizers and crab cake hors d'oeuvres

- cut-out sugar cookies in the shapes of sea creatures are a tasty treat and serve as a great dessert to accompany a seafood beach picnic

- a small canoe, paddle boat or kiddie pool adds the perfect touch of interest to the party landscape serving as a whale-sized decoration and non-traditional gift table

Whale Baby Shower Ideas

A Whale Of A Good Time

Put the Party at Sea...ensure a Whale of a Good Time by supplying lots of baby shower games to play. Here are just a few themed ideas for games.

- party fun picks up with a sandy spectacular session of name that lullaby where guests listen to parts of lullabies and write down the title of each song

- seashell shaped stationary is given to each guest to extend the lullaby game notion giving each a chance to share a technique in helping baby sleep to add to the bag of tricks of the soon-to-be-mommy

- set a timer with guests creating a list of all the baby beach basics and see who comes up with the most complete list to keep baby safe from the sand, sea and sun

Whale Baby Shower Ideas

Printable Baby Shower Games

Nothing's more fun than games at a baby shower and here are some printable games with a baby theme. Take a look at this fun selection. Pick one or two or get the bundle of 75's really cheap...about 20.00 for the entire collection of baby shower printables. Easy and fun games for everyone! Find trivis, Mad Libs, Nursery Rhyme, Baby Bingo, Baby Pictionary, Charades,

Baby Shower Sketch-A-Guest

Who Am I? Baby Shower Survey

The Deluxe Baby Party Games Collection

Creative Baby Shower Games

Jungle Safari Baby Shower

Giraffe Baby Shower

Zebra Baby Shower Supplies

Baby Shower Games

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