A Wedding Pinata?

A Wedding Pinata! Now I've seen everything! What a great way to keep the young kids occupied at a wedding reception. It might be interesting to watch some of your older guests playing too...make sure the videographer is nearby to get these pictures!

You get to choose from two patterns

A White Wedding Cake Pinata

Would you just take a look at this fabulous wedding cake! This is amazing...

This pinata is a three tier wedding cake with decorations, and will make such a fun addition to your wedding!

Or A White Wedding Bell Pinata

Look at these Wedding Bells...I can almost hear them!

The Bells are ringing for you on your wedding day!

Whether you choose the Cake or the Bells, this pinata is going to be lots of fun for all your party guests!

Bells or Cake...that's going to be one more decision you will have to make before the big day! Just picture the kids breaking open this pinata and gathering up all the candies and treats that were hidden inside. They are going to have a blast!

I never knew there were so many different patterns that pinatas came in. If you would like to look at more, just Go from Wedding Pinata to Pinata Party

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