Webkinz Party Ideas

Here are some Webkinz Party Ideas.

If you are the mother of a Webkinz fanatic then you know that these cute little interactive virtual pet toys are taking the tween world by storm.

Heck, even adults love these cuddly toys and their fun online world. Make a special day for your child even more special by inviting their favorite virtual pets to the party.

Webkinz Party Ideas

Here are just a few fun events perfect for Webkinz:

  • 1. Webkinz Birthday Party

  • 2. Slumber Party
  • 3. Pool Party
  • 4. Christmas Party
  • 5. Halloween Party

  • If your kids think Webkinz are fun on their own, just imagine how excited they’ll be to share their favorite toys with their favorite friends!

    Remember that not every guest will have a Webkinz of their own, so it’s important to plan activities that include Webkinz but don’t exclude any of the kids.

    You can avoid this situation by giving each kid a Webkinz of their own just to make sure they all have one. If they already own one, or if they don't have one yet, I'm sure they will be thrilled at the prospect of getting a new one, and what a wonderful party favor that will make.

    Here are a few tried and true ideas that fans are sure to love:

  • 1. Have a scavenger hunt with Webkinz related prizes.

  • 2. Have a trivia contest where everyone wins a treat.
  • 3. Hold a gift exchange where every gift must be have something to do with the Webkinz theme.
  • 4. Invite guests to a dress up party. They must come dressed as their favorite Webkinz characters.
  • 5. Have a coloring contest.
  • A Great Party Gift Idea

    A retired Webkinz would make an excellent party gift!
    Just imaging how exciting it would be for the birthday gal to get the Webkinz she alwasy dreamt of! Or perhaps you could get her a brand new Webkinz, one that has just been released and no one else has yet!

    Some other gift ideas include Webkinz:

  • Clothes

  • Spritz and lip gloss

  • Trading Cards

  • Party Accessories for a Webkinz Party

    In addition to these cool activities, be sure to use lots of authentic decorations and to use webkinz recipes, maybe even a webkinz secret recipes to make a "Webkinz dessert".

    You can buy all sorts of Webkinz party decorations and accessories at a party store, an online store. For Webkinz dolls click here

    Webkinz is a ganz website and kids can play in the virtual webkinz world.

    You can find Free Webkinz coloring pages at You can print the free Webkinz coloring pages and let everyone color or paint them. It’s sure to be a day they (and their friends) will never forget!

    Webkinz: Where to Buy Party Supplies and Accessories

    You can check with your local stores...Target, JC Penney, Limited Too, Some card stores. Ebay is another good place to look!

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