Webkinz Daily Activities

by Karen
(Palm Beach, Florida, USA)

After you become familiar with your Webkinz room, there are many more things to explore. There are reasons to sign onto Webkinz World every day.

On the "Things to Do" navigation bar, under the "Information" tab, go to the "Today's Activities" section. Every hour Webkinz features new and neat activities or freebies for your Webkinz pet. The "W Shop" can issue you special coupons, special games can appear for your pet to play and special spins on special events will be displayed from time to time. It's important to check this daily to see what fun will pop up at what time of the day.

Next to the "Hourly Events" tab will be the "Daily Events" tab. There are a few games that you can play each day that will earn you an extra surprise or more KinzCash. You can make five wishes on the "Wishing Well" once a day, take a spin on the "Wheel of Wow" and get three picks for your daily "Gem Hunt". There will also be daily hints or reminders on this tab for you.

Wishing Well

Once a day you will be able to make five wishes in the "Wishing Well". This will add to your KinzCash.

Wheel of Wow

Once a day you will be able to spin the "Wheel of Wow". You can win big item gifts, food and KinzCash with your daily spin.

Gem Hunt

Once a day you will be directed to the "Curio Shop" where you can make a daily hunt for gems. The gems you find will be placed in "Your Gem Box" until you have found all the gems available. If you already have found a gem and find it again, you have the option to sell it to the "Curio Shop". Once you collect all 30 gems, you can trade for a Webkinz "Crown of Wonder". You will only get 3 chances to find a gem in one of the mines. Sometimes you may find nothing for the day.

Arte is the name of the Webkinz "Curio Shop" operator. He also offers items for sale that sometimes are rare and do not appear in the "W Shop" so it's interesting to check back to see what he offers for sale.

One more daily game to play in the "Wacky's Bingoz" game. Go to the daily Newspaper on the "Things to Do" tab and find the game at the top right of the "Webkinz Newz".

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