Free Printable Webkinz Coloring Pages

You can find free Webkinz coloring pages on-line.

These Webkinz pages are pictures that you can find, print out and color. You'll not only find Free Coloring Pages here, but I've also found some fun party printable activities for you and your kids.

Want to buy a Webkinz as a party gift? Try Poke Order, they have lots of plush and card gift ideas.

The coloring pages have pictures of all types of Webkinz that you can color in any way you want to. There are many of the Ganz animals to choose from and you could decide to have one to color or a few of your favourites.

There are lots of sites where you can download free Webkinz coloring pages. We have put the links to a couple sites where you can find some coloring pages to make it easy for you to find and print them.

Webkinz Coloring Pages Free!

The coloring pages are simple designs so that children of all ages can enjoy coloring in, painting or making a collage with the Webkinz pictures.

There is no limit to the creativity you can achieve, or the fun you can have with Webkinz coloring pictures to color. It is also a further way that you can enjoy the virtual world without actually having to be seated at the computer.

What is a Webkinz?

A Webkinz is a soft plush, toy animal made by the Ganz Company that you can purchase from certain toy stores or on-line- but it is actually much more than that. Once you buy your virtual plush toy you can use the secret Webkinz adoption code to access a whole safe, educational and fun virtual world online.

First you have to go through the adoption process and give your Ganz plush toy a name. You can choose whether your new virtual pet is a boy or a girl. Your Kinz Pet will have a special room all of their own which you can decorate for them to their liking. Other adopted pets can visit your room, talk to your Kinz or lil Kinz pet and make lifelong friends. The interactive chat function is safe so no personal details can be given to anyone else.

You have to remember to feed, play and exercise your virtual pet everyday to keep it happy and healthy. You can use a special kind of money called Kinzcash to buy it nice things. The W Shop has all you need from food to clothes for your pet. You can earn Kinzcash by playing quizzes and arcade games. You can also challenge your new friends in the arcade- it's all about learning while your having fun.

There is no limit to the amount of pets you can adopt; you could collect all the different types and have a healthy and happy animal family.

More Free Coloring Pages

Free Printable Webkinz Party Activities

Need some Webkinz Party activities? Lots of fun games and activities will help make your party lots of fun. Here is a free printable maze for your party guests.

Free Printable Webkinz Maze Game

Here's a Webkinz Word Scramble for your party guests to play. Why not give a prize to the one who finishes first? Remember you can never plan too many fun party games and activities.

Free Printable Webkinz Word Scramble

Why not have some fun at your Webkinz Party? Do something a little different! Help the kids Learn how to draw a Webkinz!

How to Draw A Webkinz

Learn How to Draw A Webkinz

More Webkinz Coloring Pages

You can never have enough free Webkinz coloring pages for your party, or for your kids to enjoy. You can print as many as you like, as often as you like.

More Webkinz Coloring Pages

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