WALL-E Pinata

Get a WALL-E Pinata to complete your WALL-E party ideas! The Movie was such a big hit and now WALL-E is a popular party theme, so why not take those party ideas to the finish line with this fun party pinata!

The best news is WALL-E is a pull string pinata! No sticks, No bats, just let each child pull a string until someone finds the one that breaks open the pinata and lets all the candies and goodies spill out!

Look EVE (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator)... is on there too...you know these characters from the Disney Movie! WALL-E is a garbage collecting robot, one of many who were left on Earth to clean it after it was abandoned by mankind. EVE, a recon robot, comes to Earth to see if it is inhabitable again...and it's robot love for those two!

If you need ...look what pinatas.com has to offer! I just found out they sell party supplies and costumes! Wait until you see the favor kits and stickers they have!

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