Viking Halloween Costume - 10 Reasons To Get One

Ten Reasons to get a Viking Halloween Costume!

These Viking Costume Ideas and the Thor Movie Costumes are a unique and fun way to dress up on Halloween...whether it's an out fit just for you, for a couple or for a group.

1. The Viking Costumes are fun!

2. Vikings come in all shapes and, women, teens, boys and girls.

3. Viking Helmets are Deluxe Viking Helmet.

4. The Thor movie came out. Thor is a Viking.

5. Vikings were great fighters.

6. Vikings are cool...they always were and always will be.

7. Loki is a Viking. Thor Movie - Loki Deluxe Adult Costume

8. Viking women were warriors. They were strong and sexy.

9. Sif, who marries Thor, was a Viking. Thor Movie - Sif Deluxe Adult Costume

10. You can find many Viking costumes at any online Halloween costume stores, costume stores in your neighborhood or you can make one yourself at home.

Who exactly were the Vikings?

- They were a seagoing people who lived around 1000 years ago.

- The Vikings were prolific explorers.

- The Vikings were known as violent plunderers who attacked and conquered port cities with the most advanced ships of the age.

- The Vikings were the first Europeans to settle North America, 500 years before Christopher Columbus arrived.

- The Vikings used a language very similar to modern day Icelandic.

- The Vikings worshiped ancient Gods including Odin and Thor.

- The Viking afterlife was called Valhalla, the place where worthy fallen warriors went after death.

- A Viking longboat required over 80 mature trees to build.

- The Vikings had one of the first versions of a Parliamentary government.

- Viking warriors sometimes drank the blood of vanquished enemies. That's gross!

- The Vikings believed Valkyries determined who lived or died in battle.

- Valkyries were warrior women who rode winged horses.

- Valkyries were considered to be the gatekeepers of Valhalla.

- Valkyries were very difficult to kill, and once killed were easily resurrected by another Valkyrie.

Now go and check out the fun ideas for a Viking Halloween Costume for this Halloween.

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