Victorian Tea Party Ideas

Victorian tea party ideas are a very popular party theme today. And they should be. Little girls, and big girls, can always enjoy a tea party. Whether it's shared with stuffed animals, or friends, tea is a very relaxing drink. Tea is very popular all over the world, many cultures have rituals and traditions that include tea.

Victorian Tea Party Invitations

Victorian tea party ideas need a special invitation. You can make your own tea party invite. It's easy to do. You will need some pretty colored stock paper, perhaps in pastels or mauve, some paper doilies, and your computer printer with some extra white paper.

You can cut your card paper into the shape of a tea cup or a teapot!

You can type up a nice invitation that includes the name of the party person, the date, time and address where you're having the tea party. Also be sure to include an RSVP date so you will have a guest count for your party. A party guest count comes in really handy so you know how much food, and party goodies you will need.

Type up your invite and print it out. Type several on each sheet of paper. Cut your poster stock in half and then fold each sheet in half. Paste the paper doily on the inside of the folded sheet. Usually it goes on the right side. Decorate the outside of your party invitation with another lace doily and write the name of the person you're inviting on it. How's that for a lovely, personalized invitation?

If you want to make your own tea party invitation, but don't have enough time, here's a free, printable tea party invitation you can just print out! It's from Domino sugar.

Here is a Free Victorian Tea Party Invitation to print out.

Food to Serve With Victorian Tea Party Ideas

For any kind of a tea party, Victorian included, finger foods are nice. You can make pinwheel sandwiches out of tortillas or you can take any kind of bread and make small sandwiches with that. Cut off the crust, and cut each sandwich in four or more pieces. (Victorian tea party ideas for recipes)

Tea Time

What kind of drinks should you serve at a Victorian tea party?


  • Hot Tea with milk and sugar
  • Tea lemon and honey
  • Iced Tea

Whenever my family gets together and make tea, we use our china but you may not want to get out the breakable dishes if your tea party is for younger kids, or older kids for that matter. You can probably find some plastic wear that fits your needs. Of course, if the tea is for your adult friends you can use the finest teacups you have.

Tea Party Cakes and Desserts

For a tea party, dainty cakes and desserts are the perfect party dessert, just like the sandwiches.

You can use a small cupcake tin and make mini cupcakes, a regular cupcake tin or you can make petit fours. You can make cupcakes, frost them and put them on a platter in a tea cup shape if you are feeling creative!

You can put a paper doily on each serving plate, and put your dessert right on it, to keep the Victorian tea party ideas flowing through the entire party. If you are looking for an easy party activity you might let the girls decorate their own cupcakes with some icing, candy and sprinkles.

Throw a pink or mauve table cloth on your table, put out some cloth napkins, if you have them, and serve your food on pretty dishes. Use the extra paper doilies you have to put on plates or on the table. Think how pretty they will make it look. You can also get a small bouquet of flowers as a party centerpiece.

Victorian Games For Your Tea Party

The Victorian era is famous for it's teas and there are some game ideas that you can gather from this era as well. Your Victorian Tea Party Ideas should include some fun games and party activities too.


An old party game you can play is croquet. Do you remember that one? You will need to purchase a croquet set if you don't already own one, so if that's in your budget great.


If you don't want to buy a game set you can always play parlor games. Charades is a great game that goes well with Victorian tea party ideas. Charades was a very popular game from this era. There are plenty of fun party game ideas for you on this site, so read over them and choose the best one for your party.

Why not get a Teapot Pinata? Kids love to burst open a pinata and have goodies fall out all over! Watch them scamper around to gather as many treats and toys as they can. It's also a way to include some active play into a tea party theme and let the girls burn off some of that excess energy kids all seem to have!

This Victorian Tea Pot Pinata is the prettiest one I have seen. Won't this make a fun addition to your Tea Party?

Victorian Tea Party Activity and Party Favor Ideas

If you'd like a party activity that continues the Victorian tea party ideas each girl can make an ornament or card with the stock paper and doilies. It's easy to do. Just prepare the stock paper by cutting it in half and folding each half. (If your going to make an ornament you can cut the sheet into four pieces.) You can glue the doily inside or you can let the kids do it themselves. You can get a picture of each girl and glue that inside.

Punch a hole in the top of the card or ornament, run some thin ribbon inside the hole and tie it in a knot. Now each child can hang their ornament. This is a very simple craft idea for your child's party, but kids enjoy it very much.

Make A Hat at The Victorian Tea Party

In Victorian days, Ladies Hats were the rave! Each lady would don her best outfit for the Tea and top it off with the finest millinery creation she could buy! These very fancy hats often included tulle, flowers, ribbons and feathers. They were certainly the fashion statement of the day! You can make some hats as a fun party activity!

Of course, your not going to start off with a straw bonnet like the Victorian Millinery did. You can begin with a paper plate! Punch a hole on two sides of the plate and put some ribbon throw and tie a knot in the ribbon. Now you can tie each hat to a girl's head, when they are finished decorating it. Gather some silk flowers, tulle, feathers, plastic fruits, bows...anything you can use to decorate these hats with.

Let the girls design their own Tea hat using glue. The hats can dry while you are serving the party guests their food. Take some pictures of each girl in her creation! What a fun party favor that photo will make.!

Take a look at the link below and see pictures of Victorian Tea Hats to get an idea of what accessories you will need to make your own!

Pictures of Victorian Tea Hats

Music For The Tea Party

Of course, when you are thinking up all your Victorian tea party ideas it's a good idea to add some music. Play some tea songs...I'm a Little Tea Pot, Getting to Know You (from the King and I...You are precisely my cup of tea!) Play musical chairs to a tea song. There are so many ways to think of fun and interesting games and activities for kids to play...and I'm sure some of these Victorian tea party ideas will spark your imagination so you come up with lots more.

Free Victorian Tea Party Printables

I've found some free, printable Victorian Tea Party accessories you can use to make your tea party Perfect"! These are:

  • Victorian Tea Party Invitations
  • Name Tags
  • Free Tea Party Poster
  • Thank You Cards
  • Place Cards
  • Party Gift Record
These free party printables will help to make your Victorian Tea Party Ideas and party planning easier than ever!

Free Victorian Tea Party Printables

Free Tea Party Coloring Pages

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Free Coloring Pages For More Party Fun!

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