Vampire Werewolf Chess Set

This unique Vampire Werewolf Chess Set is the perfect gift for your chess playing Twilight fan. In the Twilight Novel vampires and werewolves are natural enemies. We see this conflict constantly throughout the entire Saga by Stephanie Meyer. In the end...well, I'm not going to tell you how it ends, read the Twilight Novels for yourself!

Just so you know, these chess pieces are not the Cullens, they are generic vampires...and the Werewolves are not the Quileutes...I still think it's really cool!

In Twilight, the vampire faction, the Cullen Clan and various nomadic vampires, versus the Werewolves...the Quileute Indians who are actually shape shifters. Bella Swan is the common denominator in this vampire human romance story. Edward Cullen, the vampire, and Jacob Black, the werewolf, are both in love with Bella. She loves them both back, but not in the same way. Bella is in love with Edward, and loves Jacob.

So you can see why this unique chess set will thrill the Twilight fan in your life. It's a wonderful gift idea...imagine a Twilight fan getting this chess board as a birthday gift! They will be dazzled with your gift finding ability.

Buy your Vampire and Werewolf chess set's available at Spencers and it's on sale right now. You can combine your love for Twilight, Vampire games and Werewolf games all in one fun board game.

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