Valentines Party Fun For Kids

Valentines Party Fun For Kids Is Easy When You Have The Right Party Supplies, Some Fun Party Games, And A Bunch Of Kids!

Valentine's Day is all about hearts so make them the focus of your decorating and party ideas. Hang cardboard heart decorations on the wall, buy some heart shaped balloons, get some heart shaped candies and make your own heart cupcakes!

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Plan some easy party games for kids like "Pass The Heart", "The Heart Scavenger Hunt", "Stacking Candy Hearts", or "Thief Of Hearts"! These are simple and fun kids party games that need very little preparation but deliver lots of fun!

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Make Valentine Party Decorations

What makes a great Valentines Day party decoration? Cut out cardboard or paper hearts are about the easiest party decoration you will ever find. You can make them yourself if you have some red, pink, or white card board...or use construction paper. How easy is that? You can really make your homemade heart decorations look fancy by using some paper doilies as a lace trim behind each heart. Write your party girl or boy's name in the middle of one of the hearts. You can also write your party guests names on the decorations too.

Foam Hearts Work Great When You Want To Add Extra Valentines Party Fun For Kids!

Foam Adhesive Hearts

This decorating idea gives me a party craft idea too. Use the same materials to let the kids make some Valentine Day cards at the party. Use some construction paper hearts, glue and paper doilies. Add some markers, write some names on the heart crafts and Voila, you've got a party craft. They can make the card for their parents, a friend, or anyone they like.

Valentine's Day Party Supplies And Party Favors

You can see lots of party supplies with a Valentine's Day theme in the pictures on this page. You will need plates, cups, napkins, a table cloth to decorate your party table. Another thing I always like to have at a kid's party is some party favors and some party game prizes. A Valentine party for kids is an easy party to buy favors and game prizes for. You can use stickers, heart decorated pencils, heart shaped pencil erasers, heart decorated Rubber Duckies, temporary heart tattoos, heart shaped candies and so much more. What a fun party theme this is!

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Click that picture to see more heart theme party favor ideas. Here's some heart themed party centerpieces.

Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Fun Valentine Party Games

Valentines Party Fun For Kids Means Lots Of Party Games!

If you are planning a Valentine's Day party for kids you will need some games! Games are the "HEART" of a kid's party, so plan lots of them. I've put down lots of fun kids game ideas here and they all have a Valentines theme, so pick out as many as you like! Make sure to have some game prizes ready for the's as much fun to get prizes as it is to play the games. Here's my list of Valentine Day party games for kids:
  • Pass The Heart
    Get A Heart Shaped plush toy and pass it around like "Hot Potato". Play it to music, when the music stops, who ever has the heart is out.
  • The Heart Scavenger Hunt
    A scavenger hunt is a great way to plan some Valentines party fun for kids. It's easy to set up a hunt. Hide paper or cardboard hearts around the house or yard. Send the party guests on a heart scavenger hunt and who ever gets the most hearts is the winner. You can also hide snack bags of candy hearts or fun novelty toys with a heart shape along with the paper hearts for some extra fun.
  • Stacking Candy Hearts
    You will need a stackable heart shaped candy for this game. Conversation Hearts are easy to find for this game. Give each child a supply of candy hearts and let them stack the hearts in a tower. Who ever makes the tallest tower is the winner!
  • Thief Of Hearts
    This is a twist on "Pass The Parcel", a gift exchange type game usually played at Christmas, but I think it's fun at Valentine's Day too! Wrap up a Valentine's Day theme gift for each child. Use Valentine's Day wrapping paper to wrap each one. Let the kids pull a number out of a hat. Place the presents in the center of a circle, have the kids sit around them and beginning with number 1, let each child choose a gift. When the first child has chosen and opened the gift, number two can choose to "Steal" that gift or choose a new one from the pile. Play until everyone has a gift and at the very end, number one gets to choose any gift he or she likes to steal. The game is now over and each child has a gift.
Those games sound great, don't they? Well, there's more Valentines party fun for kids where those came from. I like lots of kids games at a party so here are more fun game ideas you can use with any kids party theme.
  • Pin The Heart
    On Cupid? On The Monkey? Hang any picture you like up, cut out red or pink paper hearts, use double sided tape on one side of the heart, let each child take a turn being blindfolded, spun around and then attempt to pin the heart on the designated spot on the picture you hung. It's just like Pin The Tail On The Donkey".
  • Valentine's Day Wrapping Game
    My daughter went to a party where they played a Valentine's Day version of "Wrap The Mummy". The Mom formed teams of two and gave each team a roll of pink toilet paper. One team member was the wrapper and the other was the wrappee...the team who had one wrapped up member first was the winner.
  • A Valentine's Day Relay Race
    Kids love to play relay race games. You need a start and a mid-point. The mid-point needs a challenge. The point is to form two teams, let each team member race to the mid-point, perform the challenge, return to the start line where the next team member takes off to help complete the race. The team who finishes first is the winner. A fun challenge for a Valentine's Day Relay Race is to make a Valentine's Day Ice Cream Sundae. To do this set up two ice cream containers, two sundae dishes, topping, candy hearts, whipped cream, at the mid-point. The first team member puts ice cream in the dish, the next child adds some toppings, the third adds some whipped cream and the fourth adds some jimmies or candy hearts to the sundae. The team that finishes first is the winner. The prize? Everyone gets to share their team's sundae. Have extra dishes handy!
  • Cupid Says
    Play Simon Says with a bit of a twist. This time it's Cupid who'd giving the commands!
  • Valentine's Day Bingo
    Make up bingo cards using Valentine stickers. Call the names of the stickers instead of numbers and who ever gets a bingo is the winner. This game can be played over and over again.

Valentines Party Fun For Kids Needs A Heart Cake

Don't forget, Valentines party fun for kids need a heart shaped cake or a cake with hearts on it. That's another easy thing you can make yourself. You can use heart shaped candies to decorate your baked and frosted cake or you can use a cake topper like this one.

Valentine's Day Heart Cake Decoration

You can also get cupcake baking cups with hearts on them. Just bake your cupcakes, add pink or red frosting and you've got the perfect dessert to go with your Valentines party fun for kids theme. Told you that Valentines party fun for kids was an easy party theme to pull off, and as you can see from the simple ideas on this page, it is.

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Valentines party fun for kids is one of the easiest party themes you can plan!

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