Valentines Day Party Ideas

Valentines Day party ideas say "I Love You" like no other! In the middle of winter everyone is ready for a celebration and along comes Valentines us all a wonderful reason to celebrate!

Why not let your kids have a Valentines Day Party this year? You can have some fun at Celebrate Express picking out some party decorations you like... The Pinata looks fun! ...or you can make your own!

Heart 20" Pull-String Pinata

Valentine Cupcake Dinner Plates (8)

Valentine Cupcake Lunch Napkins (18)

It's really easy to decorate, white and pink are the colors...hearts cut out of construction paper can be the decorations...Maybe even a paper chain streamer to hang around the room...and you're done Mom!

Make some homemade cupcakes, decorate the tops of them with some heart candies and you've got the makings for a great time!

Valentines Day Party Ideas can include Red Velvet Cupcakes!

If you want to get fancy, you can get a red velvet cake recipe for your cupcakes. Red velvet recipes will make your cupcakes a deep red color and you can add some white and pink frosting. What a surprise treat that will be for all your party guests.

You can find some printable games at the Crayola website and lots of free, printable Valentines Day coloring pages right here at Party Ideas Parade! Print them out and let the kids color as a fun party activity.

Make Your Own Valentines Day Cards

Want to do a little more of a craft at your party? Why not check out at Make Your Own Valentines Day card.

Each of your party guests can make a Valentines Day card to give to their parents! What a great activity idea that doubles as a really nice party favor! And all you will need is some construction paper, cut out hearts and perhaps some paper doilies. If you want to get fancy you can use glitter and glue too! It's fun and easy to make your own cards...the kids will just love it!

Heart Shaped 11" Plastic Bowl

Foil Heart Whirls (3)

5 Happy Valentines Day Door Cover

Valentines Day Party Ideas Mean Heart Shapes Everywhere!

Since it is Valentines Day, everything should have hearts on it. If you have a heart shaped cupcake pan...use that for your party desserts. Make all your foods in reds and whites and pinks...the traditional Valentine Day colors. You can serve easy finger foods. Make some salsa with white crackers or chips. Make some pink Jello...with white or red whipped cream on top. Easy is the name of this party!

You can give each guest a box of conversational heart candies as a party favor in addition to the cards they've made.

You can also make heart crowns for the kids...or let them make one of their own. Take a strip of construction paper and make a circle with it. Glue it shut so it's like a headband or crown that fits around the head. Glue different colored cut out heart shapes to it...and you've got a heart crown. Another fun, but easy party activity idea.

Make sure you take a photo of everyone at the party! You can enclose a picture along with your Thank You cards. (homemade of course!)

Valentine Day Fun For Kids

Valentines Day Coloring Pages

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