Make A Valentines Day Gingerbread House

Make A Valentines Day Gingerbread House At Your Kids Valentine's Day Party. Kids Craft Ideas Are Always Fun At A Party And This Pretty Pink Candy House Is Perfect For That February Holiday.

You can find some great Valentines Craft Kits for kids and lots of pretty party supplies. The supplies are usually heart filled or pink...check out some of the cute designs I found that will match this February party theme perfectly. Choose some pink party supplies like the pink ones shown here or get accessories with a heart design.

Candy Pink (Hot Pink) Deluxe Pack for 24

Now take a look at the perfect Gingerbread House for kids to assemble and decorate at a party. This one was actually designed for use at Christmas, but when I saw it I knew it would also work with this lovey, heart filled holiday. I named it "Cupid's House"!

I also found a great pink punch recipe that would work for a Valentines Day party theme. It looks delish, it is very pink and punch recipes are easy to make, easy to serve and nummy to drink. So check out this party punch that your guests will just love...and that really makes it perfect for a Valentine's Day party drink!

You can find lots of pink punch recipes online or create your own using ginger ale or 7Up, frozen strawberries, and pink sherbet or ice cream to top it off. Or try some 7Up mixed with an equal amount of black cherry soda and top off with the ice cream or sherbet.

Other party recipe ideas include pink cream cheese on tea sized party bread slices. You can make pink cream cheese by mixing strawberry jelly or jam with cream cheese. You can bake cookies - heart shaped would be ideal - and decorate them with pink frosting or let the kids decorate their own cookies. Pink ice cream sundaes would make a special party each one with a strawberry and whip cream to complete the look.

You can find lots more pink recipes at Pink Party Ideas.

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