Valentines Day Coloring Pages

Here are lots of Valentines Day Coloring pages for you to print out for your kids to help keep up the enthusiasm for this wonderful holiday on Feb. 14th.

Say I Love You with fun pictures to color! Entertain them on cold February afternoons with fun Valentines Day coloring pages. You can decorate the house for this loving holiday with thier art work Mom!

Hearts and Cupids are just some of the familiar art work you will find on the following pages.

This is a great holiday to have a party for! Whether it's at home, or a school party, it's lots of fun. The decorations are easy as can be...hearts, hearts and more hearts! Serve pink, white and red cupcakes with some candy hearts on top of them. What a nice way to think of friends and family!

Pictures to Say I Love You With!

You can help your kids make their own Valentines Day Cards! There are several easy and fun ways to make a card that you can share with them. One way is to get some colorful stickers and construction paper. Cut each sheet in half and then fold it.

On the outside of the card make a design with your stickers. Write the words Happy Valentines Day or Be Mine on it with a crayon or marker. Fill the inside with a little poem or just a few lines of nice sayings. You are a good friend...or Your just great the way you are... are nice sentiments to remind our friends of how much they mean to us on this special day.

Make Your Own Valentines Day Card

There are lots of different pages to color. Here are plenty more!

Here's some from Raising Our Kids

And Even More!

Games and Color Pages from Crayola

Valentines Day Construction Paper Crafts

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