Valentine Party Fun For Kids

How do you make a Valentine Party Fun for Kids? It's easy! Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to have a party. You can invite your family and your friends to celebrate this fun day with you. When everyone finds out a party is being planned, I'll bet they will all want to contribute ideas to make it the best Valentines Day Party ever!

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Tips for a Great Valentines Day party

Plan ahead.

Don't stress yourself out by rushing. Instead get all your party supplies at least a week in advance. If you are planning your party with several people, write down everyone's ideas and then go do your shopping. Remember to add on party favors and some fun party games....don't forget game prizes too!

Fun party accessory ideas include candy necklaces for the girls and candy whistles or mustaches for the guys.

Games Make A Valentine Party Fun For Kids

Start the fun right away!

Why not start your party off with a game. Any card players will enjoy a round of Hearts....Try to find a version that all guests can play or make teams and have each one play a hand.

Valentine word games are always fun at a party. Give everyone a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil. Start off with - Happy Valentine’s Day - have each guest make up as many words from the letters in that phrase as they can in two or three minutes time. The winner is the one who finds the most words!

Valentines Day game prizes are easy to come up with! Get some boxes of candy conversation hearts or heart shaped sun glasses from the dollar store. Make a couple prize bags filled with chocolate candy kisses...that's very Valentines Day like!

Like to craft?

Kids enjoy making crafts, so it will make a great party activity. Why not gather some small flower pots and get some potting soil You can show everyone how to plant seeds in their new flower pot. Of course, you can also have each guest decorate their flower pot with heart stickers first. It will double as a party favor to remember all the fun they had at your Valentines Day party!

A pinata is always fun at a kids party. If it's nice outside you can set one up from a tree in your yard! Of course, when the pinata is opened it will spill out all Valentines goodies you stuffed inside!

Valentines Day is great time for a family only party! It's a day when we tell the people we love the most how we feel about them. It's fun for families to spend this special night together. So whether you spend your heart holiday with your family or your friends...add a few little fun ideas and that's how you make a Valentine Party Fun for kids and fun for Mom and Dad too!

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