Valentine Day Party Ideas and Supplies For A Kids Party

Valentines Day Party Decorating Ideas

Here's some simple ideas for your Valentine’s Day Party Decorations. How many decorations you will need depends on how big your party area is so take a look around and get some ideas of what you will need.

You can cut out alphabet letters in red and pink construction paper to make some party decorations. Spell out "Love", "Be Mine", "Sweet" and "XOXO". Tape them to your walls using poster putty or some other adhesive that is easy to remove or string them up like party banners.

Along with your words of love cut out some hearts in all different colors and sizes. Write the names of your guests in them and add some glitter to them to really sparkle things up. Add them to your walls with the letters for a beautifully decorated room. And it cost you pennies...aren't party ideas fun when they save you money?

Balloons make a wonderful decorating statement. Latex balloons come in all shapes and sizes, so find some heart shaped and round balloons in Valentine Day colors. Let red, pink and white latex helium filled balloons tied with long, colorful strings float around the room...or tie bunches of them (3 or so to a bunch) to the backs of your party chairs.

Get a white table cloth and sprinkle Valentines Day confetti on it. Add some candy kisses to your table and it's decorated. You can also mark each place with a red or pink construction paper heart with each guests name on it. Put some fun shaped Valentines Day bands on the table too. Let the kids take them home as a party favor.

Valentine Shaped Fun Bands

One idea I found at Birthday in a Box is to cut large hearts out of construction paper and secure them on the sidewalk and porch that leads to the party entrance door. Add one or two to the front door too!

Birthday in a Box

Valentines Day Party Games and Activities

Fun Valentines Day Party Games are a must for any kids party. Fun is what a party is all about and for kids that means games. So plan lots of fun games and a party craft or activity to make sure your guests are having a good time. This Candy Jewelry Kit looks like a lot of fun!

Candy Jewelry Kit

Add some fun kids party games to the afternoon's festivities. Valentine Games include:
  • The I Love A Scavenger Hunt...where everyone looks for heart shaped items at the party. Form two teams and let them make a list of all the heart things they can find in the party room.
  • Animal Party Match Game...match up Safari animals!
  • Valentine's Day Bingo...make your own bingo cards using loving words...copy them from your Conversation Hearts candies. Use the Conversation Heart candies as bingo balls. Put them in a hat, pick a heart and let the caller read it as the kids x off their boards with markers or crayons.
  • Fill a small jar with a couple boxes of Conversation Hearts. Let the kids guess how many candy hearts there are in the jar. Winner gets to keep the candy!
  • Red Hot Hearts is a pass the heart game. Get a bean bag heart plush toy and have the kids form a circle. When the music starts pass the heart to the next child...keep it going. When the music starts whoever is holding the heart is out. Keep the game moving along until there is only one child left...and they get to keep the heart plush!
  • Valentines Day Candy like a treasure hunt. Form two teams of hunters. Give each team a separate set of clues that leads them to the next clue...after a few clues lead each team of kids to separate candy treasure troves! Have each candy treasure pile filled with enough goodie bags so each child gets one.
  • Valentines Day Heart Walk...a funny game that kids always enjoy. Have a start line and a finish line. Form two teams and give each child two hearts cut out of construction paper. Each team member must go from the start line to the finish line. The trick of the game is each child must carry two paper hearts and use them to make a path they can walk on. At the start line put down one heart and take a step onto it. Put down the next heart and step on it. Keep doing that all the way to the finish line and yell I love you! Then the next team member can go.
  • Valentines Day Relay love relay races. They are lots of fun and fast paced. This game needs a two teams, a start line and a mid-point. One at a time each child must run to the mid-point. There they will find a bowl of heart shaped construction paper. Each paper has some silly instructions on it. The children must pick out the paper and do what it says all the way back to the start line. Make the instructions easy but silly...hop on one leg, walk backwards, do the bunny hop, tip get the silly idea!
  • Valentine Heart Pinata

Valentines Day Party Food Ideas

Valentines Day Party Food Ideas should be all about pink and heart shaped foods. A sandwich cut in the shape of a heart, heart shaped cookies, a heart shaped cake. Add some chocolate covered strawberries or pink Jello to the table and you've got tons of the perfect foods for a Valentines Day party. If it sounds simple, it's because it is! Kids parties are easy to host. Keep it Simple, play lots of games and let the kids make their own party favor...this is an easy party recipe that works. Have fun at your child's party!

Valentines Day Party Favor Ideas

You can find some really cute Valentine Day party favors at Birthday in a Box. They have everything you can imagine for a kid party.

Valentine Party Deluxe Favor Set

Valentine Party Deluxe Favor Set

There are also plenty of cute Valentines Day Party Favor Ideas and you can find a lot of them at my favorite craft and novelty gift shop, The Oriental Trading Company. This online party supply and craft store has everything you need to provide some fun party favors, wonderful craft kits for kids and any materials you need for a party, anytime! So be sure to take a look. You might find the perfect heart shaped lollipop or a heart shaped candy necklace. Stuffed animals with heart designs on them are popular and so are heart shaped crafts, so go to Valentine Crafts to see some of the fun stuff they have.

Or just take a look inside the online party supplies catalog on Oriental Trading home page. Just type in Valentines Day when you get to the Oriental Trading Company Page.

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