Valentine Cupcakes For Your Valentine Party Ideas

Valentine Party Ideas Need Easy, Delicious Valentine Cupcakes! Delight Your Kids With This Fun And Easy Party Theme.

Valentine Cupcakes are easy to make. Just bake up a batch of your famous cupcake recipe, add some pink frosting and get a pink, red or white heart shaped candy to top it off with. That's how simple these party treats can be to make.

How about a box to put them in? That sounds like a fun way to serve a kids Valentine Party Cupcake!

You have plenty of pink, white or red candy heart candies to pick from. You can also use those very pretty Valentine red, white and pink candy corns that are found in the stores in February. Red hots are another candy that's popular to use. Or you can go to the cake decorating store and find sugar candy cupcake toppers made just for Valentine's Day cupcake and cake decorating.

I took a look through an online candy store the other day. I wanted to see what different candies I could find easily to decorate a Valentine Cupcake so I could tell you about them. The best part about these candies is you can find them just about anywhere! I figured there had to be more that just the seasonal candy corns and red hots...and here's a quick list of the ones I found. I was shocked at all the candies in this store that would be perfect for decorating cupcakes.

Candy Decorations For Valentines Day Cupcakes

  • Pink Candy Hearts
  • White Candy Hearts
  • Red Candy Hearts
  • Pink Gummy Bears
  • Mini Lollipops
  • Crystal Sugar Sticks
  • Jelly Beans
  • Sweet Tarts Hearts
  • M&Ms
  • Necco Hearts
  • Conversation Hearts
  • Valentine Cream Hearts
  • Nonpareils Pectin Cherry Hearts
  • SweeTarts Heart Lollipops
  • Brach's Cinnamon Jelly Hearts
  • Brach's Juju Jel Heart Candies
  • Valentine Heart Candy Rings
  • Red, White and Pink Heart Peeps
  • Milk Chocolate Covered Heart Peeps Candy
  • Red Lip Candy
  • Twilight Candy Hearts
WOW...that's a lot but it's not nearly all of the candies I found. Making cupcakes for Valentine's Day is easier than I thought! That makes it an easy party to make cupcakes for, but what about everything else? Well, you can make Valentine party invitations with some construction paper cut into heart shapes. Decorate the invites with some paper doilies and Valentine's Day stickers...that's easy enough.

How about party supplies and decorations? Hearts, hearts, hearts and more hearts! Party supplies like plates, cups and napkins are easy to find and all you need to decorate is more hearts cut out of construction paper. That means Valentine Party Ideas are very easy to come up with. What about games or activities for Valentine's Day? Once again, it's easy to come up with fun party ideas for a Valentine theme party. Scroll down the page to get some ideas for games, game prizes and party supplies with a Valentine's Day theme.

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Cupcake Pan

Look at this Silicone Cupcake Pan! You can make 6 heart shaped cupcakes at a time with this flexible mold. It's the perfect party accessory to make some heart shaped cupcakes to serve your party guests. Of course, you don't have to make heart shaped cupcakes for your Valentine's Day party, but if you want to, this mold is perfect for you.

Valentine Party Game Ideas

You can find some fun Valentine Party Game Ideas at the same place I found all those heart shaped candies for your Valentine cupcakes. Here are just some of the fun games you can find:

  • Valentine's Day Bingo
  • Valentine Bend Game
  • Inflatable Valentine's Day Game
  • Valentine "Pin The Heart On The Bee" Game
  • Inflatable Valentine Octopus Ring Toss Game
  • Heart Wooden Ring Toss Game

And there are plenty of fun game prizes with a Valentine's Day theme too! Prizes that kids will love, and when you find out how inexpensive they are, you will love them too!

  • Valentine Rubber Duckies
  • Mini Heart Print Gliders
  • Valentine Footballs
  • Heart Stickers
  • Heart Decorated Pencils
  • Heart Shaped Erasers
  • Many, Many More Fun Ideas!

Now that you know where to find everything you need for this February party theme, and now that you know how easy it is to arrange for a Valentine's Day party...what's stopping you?

Do you want some Valentine Party Activity Ideas? Why not make some Valentine's Day Cards? All you need to create some beautiful Valentine cards is some construction paper, paper doilies, glue, stickers, glitter and other decorations. You can use scraps of material, lace, pictures cut from magazines, or buttons. Cut the construction paper into heart shapes. Let each of the kids decorate their own card using the doilies and other materials you supply. It's easy and it's fun to make your own cards!

I've included ideas on how to make your own Valentine cupcakes and decorate them with candy you can get anywhere. I've included game and activity ideas, and even simple decorating ideas to help make your Valentine Party Ideas easy and fun. This is a great party theme for kids, and it's one of the easiest party themes to plan for! Have fun while you earn your reputation as the Best Party Planner in the neighborhood!

All You Need Is Love!

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