Unique Handmade Birthday Invitations

Unique handmade birthday invitations are one way to save money when you are having a kids birthday party. There are so many details to take care of when you are planning and hosting a kids birthday party. You have to choose a party theme, pick out decorations and party favors, plan a party menu and a cake...but a very important part of party planning is inviting the guests! A party needs people to be a successful celebration!

You can always buy invitations but you can make them yourself. Imagine how unique handmade birthday invitations would be. You've got plenty of good ideas, so put them to some good use. It will also be a wonderful craft project to share with your kids. You can also save some money by making your own party invitations. And that's always a good thing!

1. Begin your card making project with Card Stock paper. It's a heavy paper that is easy to work with. Card Stock comes in a large variety of colors and many patterns.

2. Start up the computer. You can find some reasonably priced card making programs online. Look for one that includes ready made card designs and lots of clip art so you can design your unique birthday invitations. Make the entire card on the computer or print it out and fill in the personal details yourself. You can also use paint to decorate them.
3. Use some stickers! Find some that are the same color or character as your party's theme. Look in a dollar store, a party store or a scrap booking store. You will find many stickers to choose from.

4. Decorate your unique invitations with some pressed flowers. That can give them a very elegant look. You can buy the flowers, but why not make them yourself? This is, after all, a handmade birthday card and you want it to be special. All you have to do is pick some small flowers, put them in between two pieces of white paper and put them into the middle of a book, a big heavy book. These flowers will dry out in a couple weeks. There are also flower presses that you can purchase. These presses allow you to dry the flowers in the microwave or your regular oven. It will dry the flowers quickly, but these presses can be expensive, especially if you don't press flowers all the time.

5. Glitter can make your invitations Glamorous and Sparkly. I happen to like Sparkly! What about you? You can choose between loose glitter and glue glitter. The glue glitter is easier to work with and it's less messy! Loose Glitter can get everywhere.

6. Some people like filigreed cards. Are you one of them? If you use a craft punch, you can create this look in your handmade invitations. A scrap booking store should carry them at a reasonable price, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

7. Learn to do some embossing, go ahead give it a try. Embossing is easy to do, and all you need are some embossing tools or embossing powder. You can even find an embossing pens and all you have to do is write, just like you always do. That's the easiest way.

8. Use materials like ribbons, laces, even feathers. Extra textures will make your unique handmade birthday invitations very interesting to the eye and to the feel. They will certainly be one of a kind. Get your old sewing and knitting scraps and use them.

9. There are cute little decorative craft scissors that create a fancy, elegant or a fun edge to your invitations. They will be found in a craft store. Some have one blade, others have interchangeable blades so you can change designs.

10. Personalize the invitation with a photo. Your unique handmade invitation will certainly be unique, and one of a kind, but with a picture of the birthday girl or boy, it will become a keepsake.

Unique handmade birthday invitations are fun to make and anyone who receives one will be thrilled to get one. Be different, design and make your own handmade birthday invitations!

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