Celebrate with Unique Graduation Party Ideas

Celebrate your graduate's success with some unique graduation party ideas

Your graduate has accomplished one of the major feats in his or her life. To celebrate this accomplishment, you will want to make your graduation party as unique and special as your graduate is. Unique graduation party ideas are an excellent way to ensure that all who attend your graduation party easily remembers this day of celebration.

Out of all the school parties you will ever have, it's most likely that the Graduation Party will be the largest and most extravagent.

Who is graduating? Is it your daughter or your son? Is it you? Congratulations to you! Now let's get on to some partying plans!

Unique Graduation Party Invitation Ideas

Some ideas for graduation party invitation ideas include:

  • Creating personalized invitations with the graduate’s photo

  • Creating invitations on small graduation caps
  • Creating diploma styled scroll invitations

Unique Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

Your graduate is the center of attention and everyone who attends the graduation party realizes that. Why not rub it in with these fun ideas? Graduation party ideas must include decorations and your graduate’s image is the perfect starting point. Additionally, you can choose to decorate with the school’s colors.

Some graduation party decorations include:

  • Life size standing cutouts of the graduate

  • Balloons and streamers in the school or college’s colors
  • Garlands that feature stars, trophies, ribbons, diplomas, or graduation caps
  • Decorative confetti
  • Anytime you can add your graduate’s image to the decorations do so!
  • Hang both interior and exterior banners and streamers and use as many pictures of your graduate as possible.

Unique Graduation Party Activity Ideas

Since the party is all about your graduate, the party ideas must include activities that focus on the guest of honor. However, you might want to include some
icebreakers that will help the guests get to know one another. (Icebreakers are party games that help intoduce people to each other, and help your guests to relax.) Some great icebreakers that will help guests get to know each other as well as put the spotlight on the graduate include:

For a High School Graduation Party: Have each guest pantomime what they are going to major in when attending college.

For any kind of Graduation Party: Have everyone sit in a circle and share one memory or fact that they know about the guest of honor.

Graduation Cake Ideas

Have you thought about a special cake for your graduation party? Cupcakes are "The Rave" this year, did you know? I've even seen some very creative desserts made of cupcakes. You arrange the cupcakes in the shape you want and then cover them with frosting, together as if they were a cake. Wait till your party guests watch you pull one piece off!
You can bake your own cupcakes and decorate them with graduation caps made of sugar. Check out The Party Works for all your cake baking and cake decorating needs!

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