Unicorn Party Ideas for a Girl's Birthday Party

Unicorn Party Ideas - Girls Birthday Party Ideas

A Unicorn birthday party is an enchanted and imaginative party theme and it is filled with magic. Here are some party planning tips that include unicorn party supplies, party games and some fun, easy kids craft ideas. Shop the easy way, get all your party supplies online. Add a homemade cake, some fun crafts, a unicorn pinata and an extra fun party game or two. You can find lots of party tips on this page. It's all about a Girls Unicorn Birthday Party.

Unicorn Party Invitations

First you will want to send out your party invitations. You can make your own unicorn invitations using construction paper and some stickers. Cut the paper in half and fold it, there is a card. Now decorate it on the outside and put the party information on the inside. Date, time, place and an RSVP phone number. On the front of the card write "A Unicorn party invitation for you" then inside you can add, "Come join the enchanted Unicorn party fun, there's games to play, prizes to be won." Follow with the party details mentioned above...Your party guests will look forward to all the fun they are going to have!

You can also buy your Unicorn party invitations. Take a look at the fun card pattern below to see if it's the one for you.

Time for Enchanted Unicorn Party Supplies

Your party room needs some Enchanted Unicorn party supplies and decorations. First and easiest are latex balloons and party streamers. These handy party decorating accessories come in every color you can imagine and they are very easy to find. Next comes a tablecloth and party plates. You can find these supplies, and more, in a Unicorn party pack. This party pack is filled with plates, cups, napkins, balloons, streamers, a tablecloth and even party invitations...all in the Enchanted Unicorn theme. Check it out and see if it's the perfect party supply pack for you. It also comes in a deluxe size...and that's filled with more party supplies than the basic. Read over the descriptions to see which one is best for your party plans.

You can make some party decorations using paper plates, balloons and your imagination. A mylar balloon with a Unicorn on it can be your party centerpiece. Toss glitter around the table to make it sparkle like magic. Use free Unicorn coloring pages on your party walls. Take a look at the beautiful jumbo mylar Unicorn balloon that would make a wonderful party centerpiece. There are also some Removable Unicorn wall decorations...these decals will turn your party room into an enchanted forest!

Make a Unicorn Birthday Cake

Homemade cakes are tasty, and they can save you a small fortune. Have you checked the price of a bakery birthday cake lately? If you aren't a cake decorator there is still a way for you to create a beautiful Enchanted Unicorn birthday cake for your daughter's party. Buy a cake topper kit. Frost your cake as usual and place the Unicorn cake topper on top. Add some pretty pastel candles around the edge and you are done. It's easy and you will find out, it is fun to decorate a birthday cake.

Unicorn Craft Ideas

Any kids birthday party needs some activities to keep the guests occupied. There's nothing worse than bored kids at a party. Plan several crafts and party games to keep your party moving along!

You can prepare a make your own Unicorn crafts with some paper plates, Unicorn coloring pages and some Unicorn cones. You will have to prepare these items before the kids arrive. Cut out some ice cream cone shapes for the Unicorn cones, Cut out some coloring page Unicorn features, eyes, nose, mane and then get the paper plates all ready. Let your party guests make their own Unicorn using some kid safe glue and crayons. All they have to do is glue the Unicorn features on the paper plates. You can add extra decorating tools...glitter, feathers, ribbon, colored tissue, anything that will add to the look of the Unicorn craft.

Get a Unicorn Picture and trace the outline of it on pieces of colored paper. Let each girl add eyes, and color to the pictures. Similar to the plate craft idea, girls will enjoy decorating this.

You can go to Oriental Trading company and find some fun craft ideas with a Unicorn as their theme. These craft projects are usually inexpensive and lots of fun!

Make some Unicorn shaped cookies and let each girl decorate their own with some frosting and edible sugars. They can eat the cookie or take it home to show their parents what they have created.

Unicorn Party Games

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is the inspiration for the Pin the Cone on the Unicorn. You can make your own party game with a Unicorn coloring page or a poster, or you can buy one. Here is a link to find that Unicorn Party Game. It comes with 16 cones so you will have more than enough for all your party guests.

The Unicorn pull string pinata is the perfect kids party game for this girl's birthday theme. You should fill it with some candies or small goodies and let each girl pull a string. With a pull string pinata one of the strings is the key that will break open the pinata and let the goodies come spilling out. It's a safe and a fun party game the girl's will all enjoy. Make sure to give everyone a small plastic bag to put their goodies in!

The Unicorn Treasure Hunt...I love the game Treasure hunt. You can apply it to any party theme, and the Unicorn theme is no exception. Fill those little plastic easter eggs with clues, or stickers and tattoos...hide them around the party room or your yard if the weather is good. Let each girl search for a different color egg...and when she finds it, whatever is inside it is her's to keep. You can play treasure hunt many ways. Put down a trail of Unicorn prints for the girls to follow, write a clue that leads to another clue until the treasure is found! Anyway you play treasure hunt, your birthday guests will enjoy this game...and the prizes they discover!

Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn party favors can be anything from stickers, temporary unicorn tattoos, bean bag unicorn toys or a party favor box filled with lots of Enchanted Unicorn party favors. Your budget is the determining factor in your choice of party favors. Other fun favor ideas include:

  • Enchanted Unicorn Goblet
  • Blowout Toy
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Notepads
  • Unicorn coloring pages and crayons

Use some of these Unicorn birthday party ideas or all of them, add some great party ideas of your own and I know you will achieve the Magical Success that comes with the Enchanted Unicorn girls birthday party theme.

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