Twilight's New Moon Halloween Party Help I need some recipe Ideas

by Aly

I am planning a Halloween Party and the theme is Twilight's New Moon. I know it's a little early to be planning a Halloween party but I am really excited about it already. I love Halloween!

I'm sending out invitations on paper that I found on your site...Clair de's perfect for a Twilight Party. I've already printed them out! I used a script font because I could not find Zephyr, the writing on the Twiight book, but did find Edward's handwriting for free. They look great!

I am including a Twilight Costume Contest notice with the invites...hoping everyone will dress up in one of the many costumes that represent the Twilight characters...Quileutes, Werewolves, Vamps and the Humans. I am planning to dress up as Alice Cullen. She is my favorite Twilight character and she is the party planner!

Does anyone have any food ideas for this party theme? I've seen the red chocolate drink fountain idea and I like that. I also like the Vampire cupcakes, but I am not sure if I should go the main course route or just use lots of appetizers.

Help! If you have any ideas to help with my New Moon party please share them with me! Happy Halloween Twilight Fans!!

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