Twilight Party Supplies In Time For Halloween

Twilight party supplies are going to be out for Halloween and for the New Moon movie exciting is that to all of us Twilight Fans!! I am one of those obsessed readers of Stephenie Meyers vampire romance saga. I read these novels in one week, and then began to read them again.

I just found some Twilight Halloween Costumes. You can dress up this Halloween in Bella Swan or Alice Cullen costumes. Guys, for you there is Edward Cullen!

Finally, the Party Supplies we have all been waiting for, Twilight and New Moon, are being released for sale. I've been waiting on the edge of my chair for these party supplies...they have Edward, Bella and Jacob on them. They are perfect for Twilight Halloween party ideas and Twilight or New Moon Movie parties! Take a look at these items: plates, cups, pins, stickers...

Check out the cool FX Lenses at Vampfangs! They have Edward's eyes!! Search for Golden Twilight FX Contact Lenses!

When you've been "Bitten" by the Twilight bug, it's addicting. Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black are the human vampire and werewolf love triangle in the New Moon book. In Twilight, it's really a romance between Edward and Bella. As the saga progresses, there are all kinds of twists and turns for our star crossed teen lovers.

These party supplies have been on our Twilight fans list for what seems like forever...and now that they will be released soon...I can hardly wait. I am not only getting some for my Halloween and New Moon release parties, I am getting Edward and Bella party supplies to use myself! I don't want to wait for a party to use the plates, cups and napkins that have my favorite Vampire, Human and Werewolf on them! I want my party supplies now!

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