Twilight Cupcake Pictures

We took these Twilight Cupcake Pictures after got some great cupcake decorating ideas using edible images. I love the Twilight Novel so making twilight cupcakes and cakes is really fun for me.

This was so easy, here's how we did it. First, we frosted our cupcakes, put a twilight cast edible image on each one and rolled the edges of the cake in edible sugar sparkles. I got the edible images on Ebay and had them sent to my house. They are pretty cheap and very easy to use. I use a lot of frosting and sugar when I use these images and try to decorate all around them, just to add a little something extra!

The first cupcake pictures have an edible image of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan on it. It has been rolled in sparkling sugar to decorate the edges.

Twilight Cupcake Pictures  Bella and Edward Edible Images for easy cupcake decorating ideas

This next Twilight cupcake picture has the picture of the Twilight movie cast on it. Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Edward along with Bella Swan...I got this edible cupcake image on Ebay. It's perfect for a Twilight party dessert!

Twilight Novel Twilight Cupcake Pictures Edible Images

There is one more Twilight cupcake picture for you to look at...It's Jacob Black. Can't forget the Werewolves, can we?

Twilight Cupcake Pictures Twilight Novel Character Jacob Black

Check out these edible images for your cupcakes and cakes. When I ordered mine for these Twilight cupcakes, I asked for four images of three different pictures, since I had to order 12. The sellers were very helpful and printed different pix for me to use. Just ask!

The Party Works is an online cake and cupcake decorating store...they also sell lots of party supplies. If you are interested in some fun cupcake decorating ideas, then you should look what The Party Works has to offer you.


There's some fun ideas for decorating cupcakes for your next party...Let me know how they come out!

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Twilight party ideas are fun, and if your a fan of the book saga and movie, they will be perfect for your next party. Find out how to make your own Twilight Invitations, get some great Twilight Party Food Ideas, and plan a fun party game with Twilight Trivia Questions and answers!

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