The Silver Twilight Volvo Is Edward's Car...

Of course, The Twilight Volvo belongs to Edward Cullen...Vampire Teen frozen in time who loves Bella Swan...human teenage girl, unfrozen in time.

There are lots of Trivia Questions out there on the Internet...but most of them are fairly easy. Here are 12 questions about the Cullen Family Cars and a few others from the Twilight Saga. See if you know all the car facts from the book and movie!

Most Twilight fans can recognize the Volvo right away. Bella's 1953 Red Chevy Pick Up Truck is another well know car from the book and the movie...but do you know the others?

What kind of car did Carlisle drive? How about Rosalie or Emmett. Does Jasper have a car? Jacob Black has one, do you know what it is?

In the second book of the saga, New Moon, Bella and Jacob get another vehicle to ride. What are they?

What kind of car does Edward promise to buy Alice? Edward also gets two cars for Bella...the before and the after...what are they?

Let's take a little Twilight Trivia Quiz about the book and movie characters cars!

  • 1. What car does Edward Cullen drive? What color is it?

  • 2. How about Bella Swan. Do you know the year and make of her red vehicle?

  • 3. Carlisle has a black one. What is it?

  • 4. Emmett's vehicle is would have to be for Emmett to be comfortable...cause he is one big guy!

  • 5. Do you think Rosalie's car is as beautiful as she is? Does it fit her personality? What is the car Rosalie has in the Twilight Saga?

  • 6. Jacob Black spends lots of time in his garage. Do you know why?

  • 7. What kind of car does Jacob have?

  • 8. What does Jacob teach Bella to ride in book two of the Twilight Saga?

  • 9. What does Charlie Swan, Bella's Dad, drive?

  • 10. Why, in the beginning of the Twilight Novel does Bella say she wants a car of her own?

  • 11. One vehicle almost kills Bella, but Edward saves her. What kind of vehicle was it?

  • 12. Who owned the vehicle that almost killed Bella?

Here's another question without an answer...What model Twilight Volvo is in the book, and what kind is in the movie?

Get Some Twilight Car Quiz Answers!

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