Twilight Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Who captured Bella's mom toward the end of the story?

Answer: No one. James, the nomadic vampire tracker who is after Bella, lies and says he has Renee, when in truth all he has is a video of her and Bella. Bella thinks James has kidnapped her mother and is going to hurt her, so she agrees to meet him at her old ballet studio.

2. What happens to the Cullen family if they are in the sun?

Answer: Their skin sparkles like diamonds.

3. What does the Cullen family call themselves because they don't drink human blood, but the blood of animals?

Answer: They call themselves vegetarians.

4. What special powers do the members of the Cullen family have?

Answer: All of the Cullen's have the power of super strength and speed. They usually know when trouble is about to happen since Edward can read minds and Alice can see the future.

5. Which type of animal protects the humans who live around the Cullen's land?

Answer: The animals that protect the humans around the Cullen's land are actually the Quileute Indians, some of who turn into Werewolves.

6. Why does Bella have to go back to Phoenix, Arizona?

Answer: She has to go back because she has James and Victoria, two nomadic vampires, hunting her so they can kill her.

7. What kind of car do the Cullen kids drive to school?

Answer: The car that they drive to school is a silver Volvo that belongs to Edward or a red BMW M 3 that belongs to Rosalie.

8. In the Twilight Movie the Cullen's drive to school in a Jeep. Who is standing in the Jeep?

Answer: The Twilight character standing in the Jeep is Emmett.

9. Which member of the Cullen family does not like Bella?

Answer: The Cullen who doesn't like Bella is Rosalie.

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