Twilight Trivia Questions and Answers

1.Why does Bella suspect Edward is a vampire?

Answer: Edward is very cold, his eyes change color, he doesn't eat or sleep and he disappears on sunny days.

2.How come when Edward was at Bella's house and Jacob's truck is about to pull in the drive way Edward suddenly says "I need to get home".

Answer: Edward knows Billy Black doesn't like him. Billy knows the Cullen's secret, that they are vampires.

3.Why doesn't Edward order food at the restaraunt?

Answer: He doesn't eat regular food, he only drinks blood because he is a vampire.

4.Once Bella leaves the book store she is followed by some guys. These guys are beginning to rough her up when Edward arrives and saves Bella. How did he know what was going on?

Answer: Edward knew what was going on because he has the ability to hear other people's thoughts. He heard what these guys were thinking.

5.Edward may say that he is 17, but how long has he actually been 17?

Answer: Edward Cullen has been 17 for about 108 years.

6.Who are the first two people Dr.Cullen bites to turn them into vampires?

Answer: First Carlisle turns Edward and then he turns his wife, Esme.

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