Twilight Rocks...Breaking Dawn

by Savannah
(Clarksville,Tennessee,United States)

I like the fourth book of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, the best. It is the most thrilling.

Bella and Edward get married, they honeymoon on Esme's Isle, Bella gets pregnant, has Renesmee, becomes a vampire, and is hunted by the Volturi.

I can't pick my favorite out of three Twilight characters who I like best. The are Alice, Bella, and Edward. I think the Twilight series is the best ever written.

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Breaking Dawn Does Rock
by: Jillian

Breaking Dawn, the fourth book of the Twilight Saga, does "Rock"! There's our happy ending and with all the ups and downs in the Twilight Books. Thanks for your Twilight Comments Savannah. I see Tennessee loves Twilight too!

Did everyone get their copy of the Twilight DVD when it was released? I had a countdown clock on the AOL screen...a date that will stay in the minds of all Twilight fans...3-21-09!

Does anyone have some New Moon news?

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