by Ally

In my opinion, the best book of the Twilight Saga is Breaking Dawn! I just love the romance and suspense that goes on. Ugh, I just love Twilight. I can't seem to get enough of it.

An idea that I have for a Twilight Party is that where ever the guests are coming in put a sign that says "Welcome to Forks,Washington" and then have an arrow pointing towards your party room that say Vampires and then another arrow pointing away from that room that says Werewolves. Have the people that have read Twilight go into the party room and then the other people who haven't read Twilight go into another room.

In the "Vampire" room give away T-shirts that say "Team Edward" on the front and then on the back say "because Jacob doesn't sparkle" in the "Werewolves" room have shirts that say "Team Jacob"(because I personally don't like Jacob and since those people haven't read Twilight, ha ha, they get to be on the team that sucks) and on the back say "Once you go pack, you never go back"

Then in the "Vampire" room have a sign that says "People Turning into Vampires Tonight" and then list all the Team Edward people and have the sign say "Love, Edward".

And don't forget to put glitter on the Team Edward people!

Then once you get all that done the Team Jacob people can come into the party room where the Vampires are. You can play Twilight Karaoke Trivia, Pin the Tail on Jacob(get a blown up pic of Jacob still human and then put the tail by his butt. ha! ha! lol).

Then when it gets dark make sure all the people have their Team Edward or Jacob shirts on and then play ghost in the grave yard(except with teams) or the game where one team has to hide a tennis ball (Jacob's dog toy) and then the other team has to go find it with out getting tagged by the other team(make sure to mark different territories).

Top this Twilight Party off have a Twilight Sleep over party. Sit up making up stories that could have ended any of the Twilight books differently, of course, watching Twilight. You can also make up some whacky twilight foods for a late night snack.

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Illinois Loves Twilight
by: Jillian

You have a lot of fun Twilight party games planned and I think games are the best part of any party! I am on Team Edward too.

I like the Pin the Tail on Jacob idea...make sure you take pictures at your party...they will be very funny, plus they will make great gifts for all your party guests!

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