Twilight Party Supplies

Twilight Party Supplies are what every Twilight fan is hoping to find at their birthday party. New Moon is the second movie of the Twilight series to be released and it's going to be a hot party theme. If you are planning to host a girls birthday party anytime soon, Twilight is the party theme you want. This year it's all about Twilight's New Moon and that's what these party supplies are focused on. Take a look at Edward, Bella and Jacob's pictures on this fun party pack.

The Twilight novels have created a new party theme...and that's not an easy feat to accomplish. Stephenie Meyer has succeeded. Novel and Saga fans are all dreaming of having Edward Cullen attend their next birthday party...and you can make that happen! All you need it the Twilight Deluxe Party Supply Pack. This fun party kit is filled with plates, cups, napkins and more, all with pictures of the Twilight's New Moon cast on them. You will find Edward, Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper too. Why not thrill your daughter with her dream party theme?

When you are planning a Twilight party the ideas flow like a river to the sea. Every where you look there is Twilight stuff you can use. Use the book covers or posters of the cast as party decorations. Use twinkle lights to decorate...because Alice, the official Cullen party planner would. Use apples...decorate some apples by dipping them in chocolate or caramel add sticks and you've got a delicious party snack. Wrap up your candy apples and give them out as a party favor.

You can find Twilight trivia on every page of the Saga. Just look through, pick out a few good lines and have everyone guess who said it.

New Moon tells us a lot about the Quileute Indian and their shapeshifting abilities. They turn into wolves and you can use that at your party. Have a wolf call contest or a howl contest. Team Jacob fans will enjoy that.

Tell some fortunes...after all, Alice Cullen can see the future...why not you too.

Rosalie Hale is a remarkably beautiful why not let the girls doll themselves up for a photo shoot? See how many fun party ideas there are when you use Twilight?

Invite Edward Cullen to Your Twilight Party

You can invite Edward Cullen to your Twilight party! Get the life size stand up of Edward...your daughter can keep it in her room afterwards...and she will love it.

There are stickers, buttons, vampire teeth, lenticular cups and even a party banner you can get all with the theme of Twilight.

Twilight Party Gift Ideas

You can find the best Twilight Party Gift Ideas here. How about a New Moon T Shirt or Hoodie? How about some Cullen Crest Jewelry? A Wolf charm for Team Jacob fans? There's even a bedspread and pillow case...well, the bedspread is a duvet, but I can't imagine a Twilight fan who wouldn't just flip to get that as a birthday gift. There are also lunch boxes, backpacks, reversible bags, wallets, the New Moon soundtrack CD, books, jewelry, take a look for yourself.

And there's so much more. Party supplies, party gifts, all with Twilight and New Moon in mind. So if your next girls birthday is going to be celebrated with a Twilight party theme...these are exactly what you've been looking for.

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